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Inside Giraffe Manor


Last week, I had a little sneak peek inside one of the most photographed hotels in the world and a bucket list for so many people including myself. I stayed at Giraffe Manor for one night and it was probably all I needed to soak in the excitement and magic of the place. I’ve learned that guests visit Giraffe Manor at a point of their trip before heading to the bush (safari) or right after they had their safari...

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  • Yesterday, I met up with a good old friend @gregsideris at the highest Christmas market in Vienna’s old town at the @ritzcarlton rooftop despite the freezing temperatures ☃! #RCMemories
  • It's 5am in Vienna. Im a little jet lagged from between Kenya and Dubai. I'm happy I'm back here for the 4th time for both business and pleasure. I love this city and everywhere around Austria, there is always so much to explore. Before heading out to Salzburg and taking that direction, I'm doing a little Christmas market tour today and yesterday, it reminds me of last year's #TravelwithTJD 💙 with @ritzcarlton in 2015! #RCMemories
  • It was never about being together. It was always about us, being there for each other... ✌@larataki will miss you!  #flydubai @flydubai
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  • There is always this one person we think of before achieving something great. Almost as if it's dedicated to that person and every step of the way, they are on your mind, wishing they can see what you are seeing, feeling your heart beat so strong. This post is to that person, my friend, who has felt Kenya before me and so, understands what I'm feeling. #Africa #Kenya 
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  • All of a sudden... Every song reminds me of you.
  • Say hi to Paul. Paul has been my guide & friend throughout the trip. He's a Maasai warrior and loves bats and lions. He taught me how to identify animals calling from far away, introduced me to his community & taught me how to stay calm in frightening situations. I learned more from him this week than I ever thought I would. Africa is born in me now and I owe a lot of it to him!

سلموا على Paul. كان دليلي وصديقي طوال رحلتي في كينيا وهو من محاربي الماساي ويحب الخفافيش والأسود. علمني كيفية التعرف على الحيوانات من على بعد وعرفني على مجتمعه وعلمني كيف أبقى هادئة في حالات مخيفة. تعلمت في هذا الأسبوع أكثر مما كنت اتوقع وأصبحت أفريقيا جزء مني وهذا بسبب Paul.
  • Segera, a 50,000 acres (More than 3x the size of Manhattan) of wilderness restored by Jochen Zeitz who made it a point to turn his attention to conserving the beauty of the region by engaging the community around him and preserving the cultural legacy of the people here. It's build on a project of giving back to people and that's what travel is about and I witnessed this. @segeraretreat