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7 Reasons Why the iPhone 11 Pro is the Only Camera You Need For Your Next Trip!

Sunday, December 22, 2019
7 Reasons Why the iPhone 11 Pro is the Only Camera You Need For Your Next Trip!Like1

 7 Reasons Why the iPhone 11 Pro is the Only Camera You Need For Your Next Trip!

By Dennis Stever

As a travel and landscape photographer, I spend many hours deliberating over the camera equipment I’ll bring on my next adventure. From deciding on cameras, lenses, and accessories; it can be challenging to determine the perfect packing list. The new Apple iPhone 11 Pro might have made this selection process a whole lot easier.


On a recent TJD Series Journey to Northern Finland and Sweden, I put the iPhone 11 Pro to the test. Experimenting with the low light capabilities, wide angle lens, and many other new features; to see if the iPhone truly can rival the equipment in a professional photographer’s camera bag.

Below is a selection of photos showcasing the incredible results.




The new iPhone 11 Pro provides amazing focal length flexibility, without compromising image quality. The wide-angle, ultra-wide, and telephoto lens allow you to frame and capture a subject from all 3 perspectives. In comparison to a DSLR, you would have to carry and equivalent weight of ~3kgs to have the same flexibility.

Wide-Angle: 26 mm focal length, ƒ/1.8 aperture

Telephoto: 52 mm focal length, ƒ/2.0 aperture

Ultra Wide: 13 mm focal length, ƒ/2.4 aperture


Above the arctic circle, we experience 4-5 hours of daylight this time of year. In the past, mobile phones struggled to capture photos in low light situations.The new Night Mode feature automatically detects low-light situations, allowing the camera to capture beautiful photos in near darkness. The photos below were taken without a tripod, but we would definitely recommend one to take advantage of the 30 second shutter speeds.

Handheld long exposure in Finland

A house decorated in festive lights

The Arctic Igloos of Lapland (Night Mode Off)

The Arctic Igloos of Lapland (Night Mode On)


Traveling in the wilderness, beyond the Arctic Circle often means visiting isolated places that can be challenging to find on a map. With the Photo Geotagging feature, it will be easy to revisit these locations or share them with friends.

Snow covered roads in Sweden

A beacon in the night – one of the few rest stops in Northern Finland.


Extreme weather conditions can be problematic for both cameras and phones. From the desert heat, to the frozen wilderness; each provides its fair share of challenges. An adventurous toboggan run, at -15°c was a great test.

In fact, I opted to leave my DSLR camera in the car for this one.

Sledding Through the Icy Snow Covered Trees

The temperatures drop to -15°c at the top of the ski hill


The camera systems in iPhone 11 Pro make Portrait mode even better. Opting for this feature allows you to create a beautiful bokeh or background blur. This is greatfor highlighting a subject, whether you’re photographing people, pets, or Reindeer.

The soft background blur, makes this Reindeer Festive 

Ornaments, shot with portrait mode 


A common saying in the photography community is“The best camera is the one that’s with you”. Ultimately, I found myself grabbing for the iPhone over my DSLR camera on so many occasions. The ease of use, accessibility, and ability to snap a quick photo in the cold climate made this my go-to camera for our arctic adventure. The ability to capture more moments and share these memories will certainly make the iPhone 11 Pro a staple in my travel bag.

A pitstop on a frigid snowmobiling trip

Mid-day sunset, captured on the walk to lunch

Dennis Stever is the co- founder of TJD, a luxury adventure travel company which specializes in the Arctic regions in Scandinavia and beyond. His corporate background consists of over 10 years of experience in coaching, leadership training, and facilitation of team events. Dennis is also a photography enthusiast who traveled to over 50 countries capturing colorful landscapes & culture from around the globe. Dennis has also worked hand in hand with the most reputable brands, tourism boards, international hotel brands and industry leading companies to create engaging photography campaigns. 

Dennis Stever

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Hope you have those people in your life. 
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I’ve often said that if you have so much moodiness in your life, you will lack leadership and trust, It’s something I truly believe in people. If you want to earn trust, be consistent in your behavior, in your choices and your words... most importantly, in what you believe in... otherwise, people will pull back. Think about that for your Thursday mood :)
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Lately, everything has been so planned and that spontaneous “go” is something I sort of miss. 
There are definitely few things I’d want to do... for example drive a motorhome somewhere far far away, surf in the arctic... re-visit Kenya... explore Latin America...those are just few of the things. 
If you were to pick up and go, where would you go and what would you do?
  • Summer in @ourfinland was one of my highlights of 2019. On a mission with @travelwithtjd - we explored the south coast and witness the magic of the midnight sun while driving North West. 
From cabin life by the lake, to glass houses by the sea. We hiked, went on road trips, went island hopping, ate a LOT, took ATVs, did BBQs and jumped into the lake!
Join @dennisstever and I on our @travelwithtjd Finland Summer Series on the 21st of June - 26th June 2020, as we take you through the coast and into the wilderness and experience the summer activities that Finland has to offer. Click the link in bio or simply swipe up on my stories to find out more! #CreateYourReality #TravelwithTJD
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  • I’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible humans on our @travelwithtjd trips. 
I'm constantly learning from my mistakes and from others and I'm slowly acquiring patience and acceptance. 
I’ve met empowering souls who braved the arctic and chose to kick their fear to the curb and go on a life changing journey with us. 
I can’t help but be so grateful and in love with everything they have given and taught me, and that’s how I remember 2019. Through those I’ve met on our TJD trips, through their support. 
My message to them now is this: 
I know... that just because you carry your load well, doesn’t  mean its not heavy... So, choose wisely. 
Choose yourself first. 
Love strong and fiercely. 
Love with everything that you have. 
Don’t follow rules, break away from expectations. I'm changing...I'm growing... and I always chose to live the life I’ve always dreamed of, and not what others expect of me. 
Be fearless. Always remember that mental connection is stronger than physical attraction. 
And most of all, be a giver, but never one without boundaries... Happy 2020. 
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And, sometimes we have more turbulence inside us than we realize. 
But, not all tears are necessarily sad; they can also be an indication just overwhelmed emotions rolling through us, but in the end, it’s liberating and powerful. 
My Ashtanga practice asked me to show up and bravely look it all in the eye and, sometimes, its brutal but you taught me that the practice is about showing up courageously regardless and pushing to the very end. 
Sometimes that means I leave practice on a cloud and sometimes I leave feeling a bit vulnerable, but it taught me more about myself so that I can choose to live the life I was designed to, to be my brightest true self.

Thank you for giving me a space to call my own, where in a room filled with beautiful, warm, humble yogis, I am able to feel like I’m the only one in the room. 
Thank you for accepting me for who I truly am. 
Thank you Anna, a yogi who always practices near me, and although I’m in total meditation throughout my practice, I feel your presence. 
And most of all thank you for being the greatest mentors in my life. 🥰
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We’ve received an incredible amount of requests on @travelwithtjd for more dates to open as most of our trips for 2020 is full. Soooooo, we’ve decided to open up a last minute trip for February 18 - 21 , 2020 to the Swedish Lapland for 4 nights for you to join! It’s a private luxury retreat and we have 3 cabins left and you’ve got your own private outdoor jacuzzi too :) Activities would include huskies Safari, horseriding in the wilderness, snowmobile activity and more! 
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