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A Story Rooftop Lounge in Dubai

Monday, November 18, 2013
A Story Rooftop Lounge in DubaiLike0

“Vibrant new nightspot for art, music and food lovers in the Media City area offering breathtaking sunsets, exhilarating sounds and Peruvian sharing menu with a twist”

Every story starts somewhere…ours goes a little bit like this…

Once upon a time, in a beautiful land of Dubai, lies a rooftop lounge in the center of the world. A world where all men and women work hard to enjoy the finest things in life. They named it, Story Rooftop Lounge. House music plays all day, all night, music for the soul. You can almost hold your breath as you walk into their unique illustrations by award-winning artist Fernando Elvira adorn the walls and bar bringing a colourful and alternative environment to the venue’s interior. Ceiling covered in grass, an enchanting atmosphere. This place is magical, you only hear it in stories and fairy-tales. Sunset views of the Burj Al Arab and The Palm Jumeirah can be easily seen as you walk outdoors. Every corner hold a memory, every corner holds a story. You wouldn’t need to close your eyes anymore and pretend. You are already here.

On the other side, lies the area where food is served and shared.

On weekends, the people of this land would eat brunch at 1pm. The flavorful Peruvian sharing menu showcases an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary ingredients. An divine flavor in one of the best guacamole you can ever find with the best salmon ceviche with lemon zest ending with a crunchy tart that melts in your mouth, Spring Rolls de Lomo Saltado (beef tenderloin, soy sauce, red onion, vinegar and coriander rolled and fried) and Ensalada de Quinoa (avocado, lemongrass, olive oil, hummus, lime, cheese and quinoa salad) are just the start of it all. Laughing and enjoying the beautiful weather, the smell of Latin cuisine, the passed on Mojitos, the sun shining bright through the windows unwinding down to the beautiful sunset views. It’s a secret place where only the lucky can see it. Only the humble can taste it. Only the dreamer can listen to the sounds of music playing through the walls of this fresh new place.

On a weekday, the people gather to share stories and tales of their day and their hard work over dinner and drinks. It’s a place where all becomes one. A rooftop lounge in Dubai. A true new era.

We always love this ‘new’ feeling.

Located behind Zayed University, Holiday Inn Hotel. Media City.

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  1. Danielle faryl says:

    Do we need to book for lunch?

  2. Dana A. says:

    Beautiful write up!!!!!! Now I WANT to go there!!! The food looks delicious! I love how you turned it into a fairytale story! haha! This is def our weekend plans! Thank u for this!!

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