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A time out in Dubai with reMADE dxb

Friday, November 29, 2013
A time out in Dubai with reMADE dxbLike0

It’s no secret, we all wish sometimes there were more hours in the day. Our minds sometimes yearn for a time out. Spas are there to unwind for the body, but what about the mind? I always find the voices in my head louder when I lay there on a massage table, so I decided to take a good friend’s advice and take my mind to a therapeutic few hours time out.

A cute little sewing parlor in dubai for those who wants to get away they call it. reMADE DXB is not your typical granny style sewing (although my granny rocked at sewing) but arts and crafts! Being in reMade Dxb was by far one of the most fun I had sitting on a chair. In a room. Christmas carols, lovely ladies and cookies and tea being passed on. Theresa Tsui and Paula Horsfall started this little project 1st of March 2013 for their love of all things handmade and since then has not stopped!

Its simple, I logged on to The Curve, booked a seat, which usually costs 195 dhs per session and waited in anticipation for the day to arrive.

At first, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, they show you how to make one stocking in some gorgeous festive fabrics so you can go away and make as many as you wish at home. The price of this class covers all the materials, tools, equipment and light refreshments that you need. You can also be part of the Sewing Machine Driving License which is a two hour introduction to using a sewing machine that will teach you how to thread the machine and use a variety of stitches and techniques.

It was so much fun getting to know the ladies, learning how to make the simplest craft decorations for Christmas and gifts for loved ones. I also had my phone on silent and in the span of 3 hours, I only looked at it once. It’s a complete shut down to the world and to the mind. I have officially become an addict and could not wait to go back again! Thursdays is 50dhs from 10am to 4pm and you can walk in and just do about anything you like! Theresa even taught me how to do the beautiful clays at home so I can teach my 2 year how to do it as well and have some quality time with her and Paula patiently kept teaching me how to sew within the lines.

Thank you KAJA!!!

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I’ve often said that if you have so much moodiness in your life, you will lack leadership and trust, It’s something I truly believe in people. If you want to earn trust, be consistent in your behavior, in your choices and your words... most importantly, in what you believe in... otherwise, people will pull back. Think about that for your Thursday mood :)
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There are definitely few things I’d want to do... for example drive a motorhome somewhere far far away, surf in the arctic... re-visit Kenya... explore Latin America...those are just few of the things. 
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But, I crave a slow life, a simple life filled with adventures. No fast cars or expensive homes and for almost all my life, I’ve built a life in which I almost never needed to escape from. I’ve started my year with intentions to keep me grounded... and I intend to focus more on them. 
This is my beautiful reality and this photo represents that to me.
  • I’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible humans on our @travelwithtjd trips. 
I'm constantly learning from my mistakes and from others and I'm slowly acquiring patience and acceptance. 
I’ve met empowering souls who braved the arctic and chose to kick their fear to the curb and go on a life changing journey with us. 
I can’t help but be so grateful and in love with everything they have given and taught me, and that’s how I remember 2019. Through those I’ve met on our TJD trips, through their support. 
My message to them now is this: 
I know... that just because you carry your load well, doesn’t  mean its not heavy... So, choose wisely. 
Choose yourself first. 
Love strong and fiercely. 
Love with everything that you have. 
Don’t follow rules, break away from expectations. I'm changing...I'm growing... and I always chose to live the life I’ve always dreamed of, and not what others expect of me. 
Be fearless. Always remember that mental connection is stronger than physical attraction. 
And most of all, be a giver, but never one without boundaries... Happy 2020. 
Love, Michelle