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Above at Sofitel Downtown Dubai

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Above at Sofitel Downtown DubaiLike0

We tried brunch at Above in Sofitel Downtown Dubai. A wide selection ofΒ  Thai woks, Texas BBQ Grill, , Chinese pecking duck and dim sum,Β  Japanese rolls, tempura and sushi, Mexican tacos, Arabic Grill and Shawarma, Indian curries, fresh seafood, French cheese station, mixed salads and choice desserts. Alongside the spectacular view of Burj Khalifa and food selection, the afternoon will also be infused with upbeat live music.

Recommended for Families and those who love the casual outdoors, the sun, the beautiful music and the Burj Khalifa View!!
What we loved The view, the pool, the BBQ station and Mexican grills

What we missed A larger salad bar option

Every Friday from 12.30 pm to 4.00 pm
Priced at 220 and 300 for selected beverages 450 AED for bubbly

Burj Khalifa
The View
Above Sofitel Downtown


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