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An UBER Junkie in Dubai

Thursday, October 24, 2013
An UBER Junkie in DubaiLike0

When we first heard UBER was in Dubai, the click of a button app to book your personal chauffeur, we did the typical dance move when no one was watching, immediately downloaded the application and voila! Travel Junkie Diary and UBER in Dubai!

Of course, we had no where to go at that specific time, but we still wanted to try it out. So we decided to test it that night, while heading out to an opening of a new Japanese restaurant.

8:00pm – All dressed ready to click!

We had registered earlier that day. To register, you need to enter your details and scan a credit card as a method of payment, I have to admit, it took a while to scan my card, but for my partner, she managed to skim right through it. So, I of course just entered the card details instead, in order to speed the process. I could hardly wait.

Voila. Registered.

So I log on to the app and just “Setup Location” in 22 minutes and the profile picture of the driver with the car details pops up my screen.

Instantly, I got a message on my phone saying your car is on the way.

1 minute later, the car calls and confirms my address. Jumeirah something something something… I paused in disappointment and said to him he has gotten the wrong address. How could this be? UBER is just so popular across the world and why can’t they have my address right?

Mistake 1: I might have accidentally played around with the pointer that pins my location. So, I pined, by mistake of course, JUMEIRAH!

Cancel chauffeur, take my car keys and rush out.

Note: Watch out before cancelling a car. You will get charged 5 dhs for cancellation fee. Fair enough.

Next evening, opening of The Story Rooftop Lounge in Media City Area, which by the way is fabulous! Ordered an Uber car, I made sure I had the right address this time, my eyes could have gone blind from double and triple checking it!

Time of pickup 18 min. Message received! YES!

The car came on time, we were picked up by a Lexus, mini bottle of water were available, the car smelled so nice, everything went just perfect. It was so simple and convenient, we did not have to go through worrying whether we would be late or not and especially having to explain directions to my house. ” Third right, no no THIRD right, yes, no, go straight, not eight! STRAIGHT…” You get the point.

As we got dropped off, the driver clicked his GPS application and TADAA… paid automatically by card, no hassle, no wasted time for change, no holding on for dear life.

Note: If you have existing credits from a promotional code, it will automatically get deducted there first. Your credit card will be the second option.

Costs: Pick up from Al Garhood Area to DIFC to Media City Area – 120 dhs and coming back, same route – 100dhs

It is so assuring to know that there are other options out there for us to promote safe driving. Uber is fantastic when you don’t have a car, or want to have safe travel while going out late at night, even when you are just not in the mood to drive. Please stay safe and be wise.


Travel Junkie Diary has tied up with Uber to offer you complimentary stylish rides in Dubai!!
How it works:
Download “Uber” app
Sign up for an account
Insert Promocode sent to your email once you subscribe here
Set your pickup location and tap “Request”
Your driver will arrive in minutes
Enjoy your Travel Junkie Diary Uber rides!!
Terms & Conditions: Complimentary ride is valid for 1 ride up to 100 AED. Valid for “new” Uber users only.
You can also follow Uber on Instagram!




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  1. rani says:

    try this code may still work UBERFREEONE to get free 100 derhams on first ride with uber

  2. Mythili says:

    Hi ! I love the blog and the post. Unable to subscribe to your blog or receive the code. Could you help me out with both?

  3. Eliana says:


  4. Savannah says:

    done the steps! How can we get the code?

  5. Jean Daou says:

    Done done done! Whats the code!!! 🙂

  6. Farida Khattar says:

    Wow! Had no idea such thing existed here!! Could we also get the code if we are existing followers of your blog? X

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