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Sunday, March 16, 2014
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Bader Allawati, a communications executive at Enhance Oman, a communications manager at Freezing Omanis. The Freezing Omanis initiative was an environmental expedition to Antarctica, where he was picked by 2041 along with 20 others worldwide to represent Oman and since, decided to brand his expedition.

“Being from a desert country, the strange concept of ‘Freezing Omanis’ began where I trained inside a -30 degree industrial freezer to prepare myself for Antarctica…

In the freezer, I broke 2 world records…coldest tweet up, and the most amount of bloggers in a freezer (tweeting and blogging about environmental awareness issues)”

We are pleased to have him here on Travel Junkie Diary and here is a video we love watching!

Here is his Diary

Destination Antarctica

A friend of mine had told me about this expedition and I thought it was very unlikely that I would get picked to go, so I applied anyways, 2 days later I was informed that I was to be a part of the team of 20.

Stayed in  We slept out in the snow! No tents, just built snow banks to keep our sleeping bags from the snow while looking out to the stars.

Month  March

In your suitcase  

25 KG of warm cloths!

6 layers (thermals, quick dry layer, fleece, jacket, outer shell, scarf)

2 cameras

Ski poles, heat packs, extra gloves

A snowflake capture kit

A snowflake pin  (I have been nicknamed snowflake because iv brought back preserved snowflakes)


–        Wake up 5am, put on 6 layers of cloths and eat breakfast (mass amounts of protein), get on the zodiacs by 6:15

–        Get on to the continent (if we hadn’t camped out) trek, do a workshop / lessons on the ice after we had gotten to the point we needed to get to, trek back or to the next point

–        Get on the ship, have lunch, go to a lecture or two, get back into the zodiac and on the continent or on a zodiac cruise

–        Get back to the ship or camp site, have another lecture, work on our environmental campaigns and then if we have time socialize… 12 we may have time to sleep if we decide…of course with the milky way just there we wont sleep…..

–        Repeat for the next 10 days and watch sleep deprivation in its funniest forms

We went to different spots around the Antarctic peninsula and we met many influential people like the VP of Shell international, Robert Swan (first man in history to walk south and north poles)

Shopped at If there’s a hidden shop in the Antarctic I would want know about it!

Dined in Lots of steak on ship, and pre-packed food provided by the ship.

Tips I cant begin to explain it! The place is the most beautiful place on earth…Once you get use to the cold, you’ll enjoy it much better, get low aperture lenses for night time photography and wide angel lenses for landscape, be very careful as a small injury there can be a big deal so follow safety instructions and learn knots, ropes and first aid.

Above all, drop your camera every once in a while and stay quiet…..the most amazing experience you will ever have

Mode of Travel Emirates to Buenos Aires, LAN to Ushuaia, check both local carriers because one of them has a lower carry allowance which can mean you will spend a lot on excess baggage.

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