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Beautiful Lebanon in HDR

Saturday, August 9, 2014
Beautiful Lebanon in HDRLike0

Beautiful Lebanon

Instagram is a wonderful thing! You can see the world through people’s eyes. It’s such a fantastic way to connect and meet other travelers, photographers and those who always dreamed of seeing the world. ‘Buddcorp’ is a simple guy on instagram, who simply loves showing the world the beauty of Lebanon and its true colors. Sometimes, we are so blinded by the media and the wars, we tend to forget how beautiful a country of so much history and culture has to show us. The beauty of Lebanon is that nothing can defeat it’s heritage and it’s beauty. Keep this country clean, like you will keep your homes and backyard. The only thing I can really say. Please stop littering. If you don’t do it at home, then don’t do it on the streets.



Jounieh Bay
Jounieh BayJounieh Bay


Batroun Beach
Batroun Beach
Batroun Beach
Batroun Beach
Batroun Harbour
Batroun Harbour
BEIRUT manara
Beirut Manara

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