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Christmas Eve in Dubai

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
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Christmas Eve dinner in Dubai – It has been nearly 30 years that we always put up a Christmas tree in Dubai. Every year, same corner at my parent’s house, we argue over who gets to decorate it, we over spend on ornaments and we break most. We collect ornaments from across the world, one ornament every year. This has been going on for 30 wonderful years. Santa walks right through the front door now, its a familiar place. There is no place like home away from home especially on Christmas Eve.

Now that there is a 2 year old running around, Christmas has become even more special. We have changed the position of the tree, it’s in a special corner at my own house now, the ornaments we buy now are handpicked by our daughter, still though, we break some, but what has never changed is that we celebrate this beautiful occasion in Dubai with family and friends. A place where we were fortunate enough to call home. A place that allowed us to share and celebrate all holidays and special occasions.

Although we always celebrate at home, this year we decided to search for Christmas eve dinner somewhere fun, exciting and new and maybe try that for a change. Here are a few of our favorites so far on where to celebrate Christmas eve with good food. Do you have any favorites we should take a look at?


Here are our top 4 Christmas dinner in Dubai not necessarily in that order


1. Rivington Grill – Located in two of the city’s most renowned dining destinations, Souk Al Bahar and Madinat Jumeirah, is gearing up to celebrate in traditional British style. Set to a playlist of festive favourites and with Christmas cocktails to wash down four sensational seasonal courses, the Rivington Grill is set to serve up a foodie extravaganza this Christmas eve – for 450AED per person.

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2. Maya Modern Mexican Kitchen At Le Meridien Beach Resort & Spa in Dubai. Get into the indulgent Christmas spirit as you tantalise your taste buds and send your senses into high gear with Maya’s exquisite Mexican sharing menu. Enjoy a host of Mexican delicacies from Guacamole and Ceviche to start through to a range of delicious seafood main courses and everyone’s favourite Chocoflan and Flan Tres Leches for dessert. Sharing set menu at AED350 per person inclusive of unlimited soft beverages. Sharing set menu at AED550 per person inclusive of unlimited selected beverages.




3. Kaleidoscope at  Atlantis Hotel in Dubai. An impressive buffet and open interactive kitchens with live cooking stations will ensure you can indulge yourself with a world of dishes, wherever your taste buds take you for 295 AED. Filled with Christmas songs and activities. Poseidon’s Court in front of the Ambassador Lagoon has been transformed into a winter wonderland from 1 December 2013 to 7 January 2014, the Atlantis Festive Village is open daily between 8am and 11pm.




4. Marco Pierre White Grill at the Conrad Hotel in Dubai. Christmas Eve with a  pianist and a vocalist, Clarita. A festive 4 course set menu including selected house beverages and prosecco on arrival. 650 AED per person from 8pm onwards.





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  1. Jeninne Daniel says:

    We have to try the Rivington Grill!! Glad to see its on your list! Probably will book there!!

  2. Farida Khattar says:

    Very nice touch with Marco Pierre White! Good idea!

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