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Derma Frac – A Memory of The Sun

Saturday, October 25, 2014
Derma Frac – A Memory of The SunLike0

After my long vacation in the Maldives, I came back to Dubai with possibly the tan of the century. Everyone complimented my golden color tan, which generally, women spend all their precious money on tanning salon and never able to reach that ultimate color. But with time, that golden color did end up fading and all I was left with were sun pigmentation scars.

You see, Maldives, being so close to the equator, has one of the strongest sun rays. I had SPF 50 wiped all over my face, but apparently, not enough. I’ve always had that problem anyway! You could spot me a mile away, I would be that proud but not so proud looking chica covered with a large hat, masked in white SPF all over my face.

This is not my usual travel post, but after I realized that many of you were asking the question on the ways I keep my skin fresh after all the traveling, sun exposure, pollution and sleepless night. To be honest, 60 percent is a great camera and fantastic filters on the iPhone, while the other 40 percent is things I eat and face treatments by professionals.

It’s been years since I last did a treatment on my face to remove the pigmentation, last time was at Health Care City in Dubai, (which was awesome) but this time, I opted to try Vein Cure Clinic in JLT with Dr. Sarmad Aji. I seem to always need pigmentation removal. I heard so much about Derma Frac, so I thought, what’s the worse that can happen?

Derma Frac is a more effective than fractional laser or chemical peel treatments, DermaFrac™ offers simultaneous delivery of infused ingredients in a pain-free, no down time treatment that can be administered by aesthetician without anesthesia and at significantly lower cost.

How Does It Work?

The first step in the process of your DermaFrac Treatments is to work with a skin care nurse to determine the proper serum treatment and frequency for the LED therapy. Once you determine these factors, the skin is cleansed and the microdermabrasion is completed to remove the dead layers of skin cells.( It actually feels really good!)

The skin is then cleansed again to ensure all the dead cells are removed. The next step in the process is the micro-needling ( Sounds really worse than it is)  that creates the tiny channels and injects the serum under the dermis layer of the skin at the same time. The LED therapy is used for four to six minutes after the serum is applied. The microneedling process works as follows:

  1. A precision wand is moved across your skin with light pressure. The roller used on the end of this wand is filled with microscopic needles that create the channels. If your skin is broken open, a massage tip that doesn’t contain needles may be used. The wand also has space for a cartridge that contains your chosen serum.
  2. The end of the wand uses vacuum pressure to pull the skin onto the needles. This painlessly creates the channels that extend below the epidermis layer. This process creates tension on the skin so there is no pain. It also ensures the needles enter the skin in a uniform pattern for the best results, especially in the delivery of the serum.
  3. These microchannels promote the proper placement of the serums so they can do their job properly.
  4. The needles are placed at a depth that enters just below the dermis layer but stops before the nerve endings and capillaries to ensure no pain or bleeding

The Serum I used is Lightening Kojic Acid to even out pigment and the procedure usually takes up to 40 minutes in total. I wont tell you my memories of Maldives on my face were gone, you need 4-5 sessions for that, but what I will tell you is that it did fade 25% the next morning. I will keep you posted after my 5th session!

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