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Don’t move, let’s brunch : Geales Dubai

Saturday, March 7, 2015
Don’t move, let’s brunch : Geales DubaiLike0

I’m not a fan of brunches… One, I don’t drink (ok, I can’t hold my alcohol properly…1 glass of wine and I go straight home to bed), two, I am always on a diet so I always tend to over eat at brunches in order to have my money’s worth and three, I dislike the notion of getting up every time to get my food. I just end up over filling my plate. So, when we got invited to try Geales Dubai in Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa , I have to say I was skeptical at first BUT the idea to brunch at  “London’s favorite neighborhood fish restaurant” (which has branches in trendy Notting hill and Chelsea Green) and a fashionable setting with the trendy Grunge Union Jack Pillow, without even getting up, had me left curious and miss England and… we wanted to take advantage of the beautiful 24 degrees Celsius Weather.

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Don’t move, let’s brunch : Geales Dubai

Geals Dubai
Geals Dubai
Geals Dubai
Geals Dubai


First Impression  The beautiful black marble on the floor and the attention to detail on every corner, the leather furniture and the fashionable sailor like waiters wearing black and white stripes jerseys and well trained to make sure you are definitely in another world. Reaching our round table that faced the beautiful green lawn by the pool was difficult to get to since the DJ has already had us at hello with the happiest house music playing and I for one could not stay still! I came to realize what a difference this article could have been if I was not impressed at first sight. It was really a beautiful day!

Sailor Like Jerseys
Sailor Like Jerseys
Outdoor View
Outdoor View


The food was served on the table so you don’t need to move! Perfect Friday! I was trying to take a picture for instagram but saved it for here, you will be impressed with the colors.

The Posh Nosh Friday Brunch with some favorite British classics such as Oysters, Shrimps, Chicken Liver, Brie Salad, Brioche Bun with Chicken Liver Pate, egg Benedict, Quiche, Fish & Chips, Roasted beef mash potato and Yorkshire pudding with onion gravy (mouth watering) are amongst the few things that were served on our table and finished with Sticky toffee pudding (the creme de la creme of all desserts!) strawberries with cream and a fruit salad.


Geales Dubai Dessert
Geales Dubai Dessert
Geales Dubai Eggs Salmon Benidict
Geales Dubai Eggs Salmon Benidict

My favorites The house music, the weather, the food, the service, the decor and ambiance. What I can’t believe is how I never got to learn about this place until today. The menu changes every 4/5 weeks! Make sure you book as soon as possible to take advantage of the outdoor seating area!

Recommended for groups of friends, families and intimate couples (Chloe loved being in the outdoors with the music and the bouncy castle)



Worth the price? Most definitely.

  • AED 500 including a selection of alcoholic beverages (Great cocktails too)
  • AED 350 including free flow of soft beverages

Would we return? We have already booked in for Friday 20th and most of all, I for one, did not over eat. (Except for the toffee cake)

Located in Le Royal Méridien Beach Resort & Spa United Arab Emirates  · Phone: +971 4 399 5555

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  1. Nimma (vimala)Khanchandani says:

    Would love to win brunch with you…:)

  2. sana says:

    Wish to watch win this amazing brunch

  3. lavina dsouza says:

    Absolutely stunning review…I like the caption : Don’t move, let’s brunch : Geales Dubai … Followed all steps ! …

    Lavina Dsouza..

  4. lindendaz says:

    Thanks for sharing such a great review.. I can’t wait to try their brunch with my daughter.. she will love it..
    Linsey Pereira, [email protected]

  5. Jennifer Tellis says:

    wow… enjoyed reading this lovely review. Would definitely try one of these days

  6. laxman says:

    wish to win Friday Brunch at Geales

  7. Colin Service says:

    I love me a good brunch. I remember when I lived in Shanghai the Westin Hotel did a Sunday brunch to die for!

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