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Family Resort in Dubai | Le Meridien Beach Resort & Spa

Friday, October 18, 2013
Family Resort in Dubai | Le Meridien Beach Resort & SpaLike0

This week’s family resort in Dubai does sound picture perfect, a day out at the beach with the family, whether you are a family of 5, 8, or just 3. Getting your bags ready, running up the hall, into each other or even into your toddler/baby sounds exactly just about right. Until finally, you manage to get everything together, run out to the car only to find yourself running back to get something. Now, you are just that over-packed family going to the beach! It is not that picture perfect but, it only makes it a perfect day if you are at the right place at the right time and everything ends up in a family love affair!

Luckily we all have Instagram accounts to only show the good side of it all! This week we head out to:

Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa

Luckily, we got there by 2pm thanks to the midday nap my daughter does. Parking was not an issue, it was close bye to the beach entrance, up the stairs, be warned that you will need help walking up those stairs if you are carrying your toddler and half the store’s toys! There are 3 beautiful pools where adults and children were happily around each other. Although there were many kids, we were not disturbed by their notoriously loud voices. We were however ducking for our lives from the crows that would rudely fly into our lunch plate and steal a fry here and there. We stayed at the middle pool where kids can play on the steps while parents can enjoy their margaritas on the bar deck. (Not advisable when babysitting!) Walking to the open beach, we passed a big football field, play area for kids with the full set of swings, soft flooring and beach activities for grown ups. Our experience was extremely comfortable and the atmosphere was pleasant.

{Service} – Very welcoming and helpful.

{Food} – We had the club sandwich and chicken nuggets. We had to fight for our lives with the crows for it. The children’s menu portion was excellent.

{Kids Activities} – They have kids activities starting from 4 years old and above. Otherwise, there is a lovely play area and a sand area where kids can play next to a fountain and the football field. Beach is massive with water activities. The Penguin Club from shell painting to clay modeling, tennis, volleyball and badminton (mini versions) to banana boats and ‘donut’ rides

{Beach area} – Massive area with lots of activities for adults and kids where they can build sand castles and beach ball activities, kayak, sailing, banana boat rides and fishing, jet ski, water surfing and competitions for kids.


DSC_0721 DSC_0796 DSC_0800

Le Royal Meridien





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  1. Maya Gaafar says:

    Wonderful!!! Can’t wait to hear more about other hotels!! Looking forward for more!!!

  2. lucie says:

    Great idea- simple lovely post!

  3. Travel Junkie Diary says:

    Ayesha, I have not stayed there yet to know, but I reckon it is pretty good! There are 3 pools to chose from and the area is so big that you can never feel so tight if there are too many people. So yes! BOOK! 🙂

    Danielle, glad you enjoyed the post! Thank you!! Enjoy it! X

  4. Danielle faryl says:

    Great! So this is where we will be going next weekend! Totally understand when you spoke about the overpacked! It’s so chaotic! So glad you enjoyed it! Bubs and I will be heading there next weekend then!

  5. Ayesha Bana says:

    Thank you so much for this post!! Simple and sweet! We were looking for a good place to stay actually other than the Atlantis! Have you been to their rooms? Thank you once again!

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