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Gaucho | Dubai

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Gaucho | DubaiLike0

Perfection is in the details, and that was our experience at Gaucho Dubai. From the moment we arrived and were escorted to the lift, to our first sip of their exquisite house white wine Torrontés which is a white Argentine wine grape variety, producing fresh, aromatic wines with moderate acidity, smooth texture and mouthfeel as well as distinctive peach and apricot aromas on the nose (only found in Argentina), we felt immediately at home (if our home was a super chic, fancy penthouse totally decked out in black & white). We were greeted by Mr. Vinoth Mudaliar, the assistant manager – with whom we became acquainted at the Gaucho UK branch in Sloan. It was so nice to see a familiar face! We enjoyed 2 glasses of wine in the upstairs bar, but after looking down at all of the amazing food coming out to the tables – we decided it was time to indulge ourselves! Peter was our server, and his extensive knowledge of the menu was thoroughly impressive. The meat! The Wine! The Argentinean culture! He explained everything to us and the menu came alive! Unlike some other establishments, where the wait staff rattle off the menu items like robots – at Gaucho they  genuinely want to give you an experience. We had a Delicious meal, Gaucho prides itself on ceviche, otherwise known as Argentine sashimi – or some would say Peruvian. The salmon ceviche is cured in citrus juice and served with diced avocado and palm hearts in a roasted pepper dressing. This is not a steakhouse it’s an Argentinean restaurant that ‘specializes in steaks’ and Gaucho makes sure that you walked out with that experience in mind! I only wish I could eat like this every day of the week! Many of the crew have been with the company for years. Managing partner Ross Butler knew exactly what he was doing when he put this team together at Gaucho Dubai! It took us 3.5 hours to finally decide to call it a night.

Our table looked like this:

2 Argentinian house wine

3 Empanadas ( beef, cheese and onion, chicken)

1 Proveleta which is a typical Argentinian dish with 48 hour dry aged Italian provolone slow grilled – if you like cheese opt for this dish!

1 300g Bife de Lomo ( Fillet)

1 Churrasco de chorizo ( Spiral cut sirloin marinated in 48 hours with garlic, parsley and olive oil)

Sides were mushrooms, sweet potato sticks and french fries

1 Salted Caramel Sauce cheesecake

A perfect place to unwind at the bar after business hours too!

Podium Level, Gate Village 05
DIFC, Dubai, P.O Box 482054
T +971 (0)4 4227898


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