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Saturday, August 3, 2013
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Destination Lebanon

I realized I was born, raised, and residing in a country that I didn’t really know.

We all want to travel around the world hungry to discover new territory – often not realizing that it can be found just around the corner.

Stayed at At the comfort of my own home! This is one of the beauties of traveling in your own country.

There has been a couple of times though where I had intended to spend the night on location:

Arc-en-ciel Ecolodge (or Taanayel Ecolodge). This very charming place is eco-friendly AND proceeds go for a good cause!

Two of my nicest memories there were the bon fire late at night with people I love surrounding it, and – the mouth-watering “baladi” breakfast the next morning where the eggs were almost served by the chicken!

Al Yasmine Guest House is not just a beautiful place to stay at; it is actually a destination by itself! It’s a place where you would wake up with free-running deer around you, black swans, pink flamingos, and have I mentioned the amazing green scenery? What was interesting in my experience there is –I felt so far away from reality, yet so close to home.

Bouyouti is this magical place where every single corner is a discovery by itself. It’s one of those places where you’d wish you could stay forever…

Month {March, April, May} Most of my visits are planned around spring time; I’m super in love with nature, and this is when it’s at its best.

In your suitcase No matter where in the world you would go, there are 4 things that matter. Unfortunately not all of them fit in a suitcase!

  • Great company – I guess I don’t need to elaborate here
  • Yummy food – no compromises!
  • The music for the road – Fairuz never goes wrong at departure, and Al Bosta is a favourite. Mainstream? So what! On the way back, Angus & Julia Stone are just what your ears need
  • A cam – coming back from a trip without photos is a sin. Not for the sake of capturing memories (as those will remain engraved in your mind forever), but it’s just too selfish not to share what you’ve seen and experienced. My favourite part is when I get home and select which pics I’m going to post!

Dined at I’m a foodie, a real one! So it’s hard to say as we have many good restaurants all around, and from various cuisines. But since we’re talking about Lebanon, I must say that Lebanese food equals Al Ajami. But that doesn’t mean that the lahm baajin in Tripoli isn’t worth a trip for.  Or the sahlab in Chtaura. Yummmmm!

Shopped Those would be hard to locate as the best “shops” are transportable! I’m talking about the cars and tents that you would often find on the side of the road; so no, they’re everything but hidden. The tricky part is when you run out of whatever you’d bought, you can’t just go and get a re-fill!

Diary I’m someone who’s very fascinated by natural scenery. So if you can’t find me, I’m probably getting lost somewhere. While taking pictures!

Tips It’s probably one of those places on earth where a Lonely Planet doesn’t get you anywhere.

So save those $30! Just make sure your car window opens properly.

Mode of travel By car. Now I drive a Peugeot which is not the ideal car to travel with. The best times were when we were in someone’s convertible. Actually the best time was on a Land Rover Defender. THE car for road trips! (except for the part where we almost froze because of the cold at night)

bouyouti1.jpg Bouyouti2.jpg



taanayelriver.jpgTripoli.jpg MaasserCedars2.jpg Mghaar.jpg Mzaar.jpg Sahlab.jpg taanayel.jpg jiyyeh.jpg JarsCar.jpg MaasserCedars.jpg

ChabrouhDam.jpg DamourRiver.jpg CarFraise.jpg Bekaa.jpg Batroun.jpg AlMarj.jpg   Ammiq.jpg AssiRiver.jpg


Travel Junkie Diary

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Well done Travel Junkie Diary and Lara Safar! What an excellent collaboration!!!

  2. Rolasafar says:

    Larloura such a beautiful way to describe all this thanks my love

  3. Suzanne Naoum says:

    Compliments to Lara and the equipe of Travel Junkie. Pls keep on the excellent work offering us the best of Lebanon which is under-estimated and negatively seen abroad. Thku. The pictures are beautiful and have surely a positive impact on local tourism. The Ministry of Tourism needs an update in its structure; cud learn something from u. Good luck

  4. Khalil Safar says:

    Fantastic article, breathtaking sceneries, I am proud of you my sweet love.

  5. Emile says:

    I can not believe how beautiful Lebanon is!! The media is such a cruel devil! I love this article! I hope you can do more on the Middle East!

  6. Yolla says:

    Bravo! Bravo Lara et bravo Team Travel Junkie Diary!

  7. Tatyana says:

    This is such an inspiring picture diary! Even if I don’t personally know you, I am a big fan of Travel Junkie Diary and am so glad they got to show Lebanon in a new light!

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