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Offroading in Dubai with Adventurati

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Offroading in Dubai with AdventuratiLike0

Having been here in Dubai for almost 30 years, the desert is second home to us. Off roading and camping comes naturally today since it has been part of our monthly escapes since high school. So, we tend to get sensitive when tourists think they have experienced the real desert here in Dubai by going on what they call a safari tour. It’s not about the belly dancing or the safe road nor the kitchen style cooked food somewhere in the desert when you can eat all you want for 150 dhs and have someone drive you back on a road they probably know what will happen and what to expect, to get you back safely in 3 -4 hours with a photo picture of an eagle or even attempting to go on a camel ride while it might not be so co operative and you are just glad its all over because all you want to do is go back home, shower and take the sand out of your shoes and the only memory you have is feeling full from the food, nothingness around you…and I almost forgot the loud belly dancer. So, if you are content with just the safari, call your nearest tour booking agent. If you are looking for an adventure with memories that stay alive just by listening to the same song that played on that day, then carry on.

We went off-roading with Adventurati last weekend in Dubai {Offroading – is the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain.}We drove to a meeting point at 10pm , where everyone knows each other and those who don’t, got to know one another sharing hugs, smiles and a welcoming embrace to the weekend ahead. Every 5 minutes for 30 minutes, a different pimped car would stop by, from the beautiful F150 to Jeep Wrangler and Nissan Patrols. All different. All organized in a line waiting for the moment that everyone says its a go.

By 10:30pm, walkie talkies were handed, places where assigned on each car and we drove off in the middle of the desert combating every dune like it was a friend lifting us higher and wider as we ride them. This was the night drive. There were times where our heart would stop, times when we laughed and screamed for the adrenaline rush and background house music playing and most of all the line of organization and discipline one adapts while driving with others is remarkable. They knew the road well, but still did not know what to expect at the same time.

At camp, we had no belly dancer, but good friends who danced with each other, we had no cook in the kitchen, but amazing friends who cooked all together traditional food. There were no camel rides or eagles to pose with, but each other and our accomplishments starting the fire, setting up tents and having stories and laughs echoing through. I might have fallen off the ATV at some point of the night…maybe just a little.

At Sunrise, we heard nothing. Peace as each one of us make way out of our tents and start with the morning feast. Traditional eggs, Barata with Nuttella (and surprisingly almonds and oats for the healthy) and the smell of Arabic coffee wakening every single senses. We then went dune bashing and just wandered the desert like a nomad making friends along the way.

It was reality. It was far better than dreaming. We were amongst friends. We helped each other when we would get stuck, we helped strangers when we saw at a distant they needed a hand. We were there to escape all together. Is this not what life is about? It would be so nice if we could adapt the same when we are back to the city.

We arrived back to the city the next day. Sand in our shoes and this time, for us, we did not want to remove them.

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Massive thank you to the crew of Adventurati and Urban Peak.

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