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Offroading in Dubai with Adventurati

Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Offroading in Dubai with AdventuratiLike0

Having been here in Dubai for almost 30 years, the desert is second home to us. Off roading and camping comes naturally today since it has been part of our monthly escapes since high school. So, we tend to get sensitive when tourists think they have experienced the real desert here in Dubai by going on what they call a safari tour. It’s not about the belly dancing or the safe road nor the kitchen style cooked food somewhere in the desert when you can eat all you want for 150 dhs and have someone drive you back on a road they probably know what will happen and what to expect, to get you back safely in 3 -4 hours with a photo picture of an eagle or even attempting to go on a camel ride while it might not be so co operative and you are just glad its all over because all you want to do is go back home, shower and take the sand out of your shoes and the only memory you have is feeling full from the food, nothingness around you…and I almost forgot the loud belly dancer. So, if you are content with just the safari, call your nearest tour booking agent. If you are looking for an adventure with memories that stay alive just by listening to the same song that played on that day, then carry on.

We went off-roading with Adventurati last weekend in Dubai {Offroading – is the activity of driving or riding a vehicle on unsurfaced roads or tracks, made of materials such as sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrain.}We drove to a meeting point at 10pm , where everyone knows each other and those who don’t, got to know one another sharing hugs, smiles and a welcoming embrace to the weekend ahead. Every 5 minutes for 30 minutes, a different pimped car would stop by, from the beautiful F150 to Jeep Wrangler and Nissan Patrols. All different. All organized in a line waiting for the moment that everyone says its a go.

By 10:30pm, walkie talkies were handed, places where assigned on each car and we drove off in the middle of the desert combating every dune like it was a friend lifting us higher and wider as we ride them. This was the night drive. There were times where our heart would stop, times when we laughed and screamed for the adrenaline rush and background house music playing and most of all the line of organization and discipline one adapts while driving with others is remarkable. They knew the road well, but still did not know what to expect at the same time.

At camp, we had no belly dancer, but good friends who danced with each other, we had no cook in the kitchen, but amazing friends who cooked all together traditional food. There were no camel rides or eagles to pose with, but each other and our accomplishments starting the fire, setting up tents and having stories and laughs echoing through. I might have fallen off the ATV at some point of the night…maybe just a little.

At Sunrise, we heard nothing. Peace as each one of us make way out of our tents and start with the morning feast. Traditional eggs, Barata with Nuttella (and surprisingly almonds and oats for the healthy) and the smell of Arabic coffee wakening every single senses. We then went dune bashing and just wandered the desert like a nomad making friends along the way.

It was reality. It was far better than dreaming. We were amongst friends. We helped each other when we would get stuck, we helped strangers when we saw at a distant they needed a hand. We were there to escape all together. Is this not what life is about? It would be so nice if we could adapt the same when we are back to the city.

We arrived back to the city the next day. Sand in our shoes and this time, for us, we did not want to remove them.

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Massive thank you to the crew of Adventurati and Urban Peak.

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  • Someone said to me today: “Some people are ‘once in a lifetime’ type of people. There is no upgrade after that.” That’s a whole new level of appreciation. 
Hope you have those people in your life. 
Have a beautiful weekend 💞
  • Take a deep breath, and remember who the f*** you are! ;) Good morning 💞
  • I’ve posted this photo many times and it’s still one of my favorite moments.
I listened to a podcast yesterday and it resonated with me so much on the topic of earning trust in the corporate world “Earning trust: consistency in your behavior - trust is developed and established through consistency in behavior” 
I’ve often said that if you have so much moodiness in your life, you will lack leadership and trust, It’s something I truly believe in people. If you want to earn trust, be consistent in your behavior, in your choices and your words... most importantly, in what you believe in... otherwise, people will pull back. Think about that for your Thursday mood :)
  • It’s been a while since I’ve done a just “pick up and go”. The picture I took from outside my room is a reminder of that time in Kenya. Yep, it’s a giraffe.
Lately, everything has been so planned and that spontaneous “go” is something I sort of miss. 
There are definitely few things I’d want to do... for example drive a motorhome somewhere far far away, surf in the arctic... re-visit Kenya... explore Latin America...those are just few of the things. 
If you were to pick up and go, where would you go and what would you do?
  • Summer in @ourfinland was one of my highlights of 2019. On a mission with @travelwithtjd - we explored the south coast and witness the magic of the midnight sun while driving North West. 
From cabin life by the lake, to glass houses by the sea. We hiked, went on road trips, went island hopping, ate a LOT, took ATVs, did BBQs and jumped into the lake!
Join @dennisstever and I on our @travelwithtjd Finland Summer Series on the 21st of June - 26th June 2020, as we take you through the coast and into the wilderness and experience the summer activities that Finland has to offer. Click the link in bio or simply swipe up on my stories to find out more! #CreateYourReality #TravelwithTJD
  • I was always in a hurry to be someone, always in a hurry to become something and do everything I set my mind to. I didn’t waste my time on things or people that would get me nowhere. 
But, I crave a slow life, a simple life filled with adventures. No fast cars or expensive homes and for almost all my life, I’ve built a life in which I almost never needed to escape from. I’ve started my year with intentions to keep me grounded... and I intend to focus more on them. 
This is my beautiful reality and this photo represents that to me.
  • I’ve had the privilege of meeting incredible humans on our @travelwithtjd trips. 
I'm constantly learning from my mistakes and from others and I'm slowly acquiring patience and acceptance. 
I’ve met empowering souls who braved the arctic and chose to kick their fear to the curb and go on a life changing journey with us. 
I can’t help but be so grateful and in love with everything they have given and taught me, and that’s how I remember 2019. Through those I’ve met on our TJD trips, through their support. 
My message to them now is this: 
I know... that just because you carry your load well, doesn’t  mean its not heavy... So, choose wisely. 
Choose yourself first. 
Love strong and fiercely. 
Love with everything that you have. 
Don’t follow rules, break away from expectations. I'm changing...I'm growing... and I always chose to live the life I’ve always dreamed of, and not what others expect of me. 
Be fearless. Always remember that mental connection is stronger than physical attraction. 
And most of all, be a giver, but never one without boundaries... Happy 2020. 
Love, Michelle
  • Say what’s in your heart, always... 💫
Merry Christmas everyone, to you and your loved ones. 🎄
  • To my teachers: Almost every time I practice with you, you’ll find me with tears streaming down my face, a huge release of pent up, stored up, bottled up energy and emotion. 
For the longest time, my practice with you asked me to look at the parts of myself that I would rather ignore or forget about. Whether its the mental stress from my daily life or the emotional pain. My practice reveals what is happening inside me when I can’t put it in words because I’m simply built that way. 
And, sometimes we have more turbulence inside us than we realize. 
But, not all tears are necessarily sad; they can also be an indication just overwhelmed emotions rolling through us, but in the end, it’s liberating and powerful. 
My Ashtanga practice asked me to show up and bravely look it all in the eye and, sometimes, its brutal but you taught me that the practice is about showing up courageously regardless and pushing to the very end. 
Sometimes that means I leave practice on a cloud and sometimes I leave feeling a bit vulnerable, but it taught me more about myself so that I can choose to live the life I was designed to, to be my brightest true self.

Thank you for giving me a space to call my own, where in a room filled with beautiful, warm, humble yogis, I am able to feel like I’m the only one in the room. 
Thank you for accepting me for who I truly am. 
Thank you Anna, a yogi who always practices near me, and although I’m in total meditation throughout my practice, I feel your presence. 
And most of all thank you for being the greatest mentors in my life. 🥰
  • Et puis un jour, on s'en fout...
Et ça fait du bien...
  • As we give all the love that we have to others... we often forget to love ourselves a little more, so, here is a little reminder... Don’t forget to give a little extra more love for you today and do the things that sets your soul on fire. ☺️ Have a beautiful Tuesday!! 🥰
  • Join us on @travelwithtjd to Lapland!
We’ve received an incredible amount of requests on @travelwithtjd for more dates to open as most of our trips for 2020 is full. Soooooo, we’ve decided to open up a last minute trip for February 18 - 21 , 2020 to the Swedish Lapland for 4 nights for you to join! It’s a private luxury retreat and we have 3 cabins left and you’ve got your own private outdoor jacuzzi too :) Activities would include huskies Safari, horseriding in the wilderness, snowmobile activity and more! 
Message me directly or click the link in bio for more information! See you in the Arctic ❄️ #CreateYourReality #TravelwithTJD