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Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort and Spa

Tuesday, May 21, 2013
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This paradise, picture perfect hotel is located in Loh Ba Gao Bay on the northeast coast of Koh Phi Phi Island. Our trip was an extremely long one, but everything was well worth it once we arrived at the hotel and relaxed in the breathtaking infinity pool next to the beach that can really drown any sorrow you may have in the past and the swim bar is perfect for sunsets drinks. The buffet breakfast is so rich with different variety of food, fruits and drinks. The in-dining restaurants are also delicious, try the Ruan Thai Restaurant which specializes in Thai food! The resort has the best beach, clearest water, most serene views and the rooms are exactly what you pay for along with the amenities. Whichever room you take, expect it to be clean and worth the money. The hotel is a bit pricey, but you can never go wrong with it’s location and resort facilities and the cleanliness of the rooms is impeccable. It is very close to perfection staying here. It is a very picture postcard perfect hotel and location. Koh Phi Phi is paradise on earth.

How to get there: To arrive to Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort and Spa, you will need to travel from either Phuket or Krabi or Koh Lanta (by Ferry 1 Nov – 30 Apr). They can provide for all land transfers upon arrival and departure from Krabi International Airport or any Hotel in the Krabi area to the pier.  Total approximate time frame for land & sea transfer is 2h and a half by public ferry. {In a nut shell you can travel from Phuket to Krabi, then Krabi take a boat or ferry to to Koh Phi Phi Island resort and Spa, or directly from Phuket.}

We paid for the boat transportation to the resort which included pickup from our hotel in Phuket and transfer on a private boat. It was a little pricey at $70 US each way, but worth it. Sometimes in Thailand, you would need to pay extra for a bit more comfort. The boat ride was definitely worth it.

Cons: The only problem with this hotel is that you have to pay for Wi Fi and Internet. One would expect free internet at a resort like this where you are paying top prices. It was not cheap either (about £1 for 15 minutes).

Activities: The activities you need to do are endless… go to Ton Sai Bay, walking up to the viewpoint is a must and worth every step! Also in the little village behind the resort, where you can chose from the wide variety of activities. Go snorkeling, see the turtles and to Maya Bay first thing in the morning, before it gets too crowded and enjoy a bit the beach. Swim in the wonderful lagoon, visit Monkey Bay and Bamboo island (really worth the visit, transparent water, beautiful). Visit Tonsai one night. It was 1700 BAHT for 4 hours, but you can share the boat with other people if you want (and share the price of the boat). Visit Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island and booked a private speed boat to take you to Krabi to see various islands and beaches. These trips were breathtaking, we booked all the trips outside the resort, it was less expensive. Look for Knock Out bar to book these trips – ask for Chet!

We would definitely go back!! Thailand is ALWAYS an option any time of the year! If you go, let us know, we will join!!



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    How can i book the transfer from my hotel in phuket to the outrigger in phi phi island??

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Barentsburg, the second largest settlement in Svalbard with about 450 inhabitants, mostly, also, Russians... Some of the other islands have amongst scientist and researchers. Needless to say, Longyearbyen is the northernmost capital on earth.
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I’m addicted to the Arctic, it has been so for the past two years as @dennisstever and I set a mission to work together to conquer it on @travelwithTJD 
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Thank you to the wonderful team for making this a memorable experience ❤️
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@dennisstever and I spent a week in Finland for the midnight sun, exploring the summer season. He probably took a thousand shots of this moment and encouraged me to keep going despite the cold waves splashing on me. 
But, I’m thankful, because, after a while, the cold numbed me, so I caught my breath, looked around and realized how F*** amazing it is to feel alive!
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Whatever happened to beauty from within? Or education? 
Are we truly loving ourselves if we put our body ‘flaws’ constantly out there on social media waiting again, for others to approve and congratulate you?
Is that not just promoting more “What’s on the outside counts more than what’s on the inside?”
Acceptance and beauty is deeper than that, because, surely, a body’s ‘ordinary’ image, is not solely what we should or should not be celebrating. 
Imperfections comes from the inside... Our actions, reactions, our weaknesses, strengths, our challenges and triumphs, our anxieties.
Loving oneself is accepting our heart and mind’s inability to function today but still give tomorrow another chance. 
We are beautiful for how we make others feel, for being there for one another, for lifting each other, for forgiving, for loyalty, for being there for your children, for your family, for strangers and for those around you and definitely not because we have or have not accepted our bodies and those around us. 
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