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Monday, May 27, 2013
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We are in the Maldives with Rabih! Every time he comes back from any of his trips, he always makes sure to call us first and our conversation can last up for hours. His admiration and respect to the ocean has brought him closer to finding his true love, his motivation and his self-esteem. We all are lost one way or another, but once we find our true calling, the world as we know it, is magical. For Rabih, diving has opened a new world full of colors, hope and determination. He found his diving hobby 3 years ago and works at Intigral as an Advertising Senior Manager in Dubai, U.A.E. We are so happy to have him on Travel Junkie Diary and we will be sharing, together, a whole new diving chapter soon!

Here is his diary

Destination Maldives

Take me to blue crystal clear waters and a nice wind breeze with diving facilities anytime, anywhere! Maldives took my breath away!

Stayed at live on board (a 25 guest occupancy yacht); under the name Sachikka which sails away from the day you land to Male airport and take you on an 18 dive experience across the Maldives North Atolls. It holds similar categories to a hotel, of course not as luxurious and fancy yet choosing the right one makes your trip worthwhile. This was my second trip to maldives for a diving safari this year and we made sure to sail with Sachikka for many reasons.
We booked a suite which was located on the upper deck of Sachikka. a very spacious room, ready to accommodate two divers for an entire week fulfilled with great dives.

Month  April

In your suitcase swimming shorts, loose t-shirts, my go-pro camera, my havaianas flip-flops; though barefoot on the boat most of the time due to policy and my iPod for great music throughout the day.

Dined at Part of the package is a full board meal program (3 times a day), freshly made and with an open door policy to the kitchen to witness the great chefs on board cooking local and international meals for all 25 guests on board. Meals varied from a healthy egg, cheese breakfast with grilled veggies and fresh milk and juice to lunch varying from Italian pasta, lasagna, and local dishes made of fresh cuts of meat, chicken & our catch of the day fish alongside international salad combinations and finally a nice full on light dinner serving great fish meals and light pasta and never to forget an all-day fresh cuts of tropical fruits, from mangoes, passion fruit, papayas and great pineapples.My best meal which i always ask for was the fish cake with a squeeze of lemon on top, black pepper and some grilled veggies on the side…..mmm!

Shopped  No shopping on board! 🙂

Diary  Activities were greatly planned and mostly always on time, keeping us busy between our dives and giving us the a great experience between great looking Maldives resorts, islands and sand banks. we enjoyed a 3 dives course per day, football on the beach, snorkeling around sand banks and a great barbecue on private islands under the moonlight bringing all guest together for a great grilled cuisine and a local traditional and cultural musical festivity.

  • 6:30 am sun rises  & we go for our morning dive, varying from 20-30 meters and up to 50 meters sometimes of visibility. We would then come back for a quick shower and have a nice warm breakfast altogether discussing our dive details and share laughs.
  • 10:30 am our second dive would start and take us down to great canyons and caves to witness some of the worlds great reefs and sea life. From schools of fish passing by to beautiful groups of white tip sharks swimming in the canyon against strong current and finally enjoying popping out moray eels and sea turtle as we ascend to top water.

Once we are back, we head to lunch and take a quiet snooze while the boat travels across atolls, enjoying the sun deck and a great sea breeze sweeping across. Heavenly.

  • 3:30 pm its time for the last dive of the day before the sun sets. this is where we get to see all types of rays, moray eels, angel fish, Napoleon fish and many more.

At night, we dine, drink and gather with the full moon and the entire ocean

Tips  January to end of April is a great time to experience diving in maldives and some great sunshine for all sun lovers. Water temperature is just never below 23 Celsius. I got to see sea life animals that I could never dream of! Nurse sharks, whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays and many more.

Mode of travel Flydubai from Dubai – 4 hour flight



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  1. Philip says:

    Love it and am so ready to go. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s a wild synchronicity reading this right after I posted my personal ode to diving. Maldives here come.

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