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Rami G Rasamny – A Diary In Tanzania

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
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Rami G Rasamny, a business owner to LivOut Ltd. which is launching in July shares his diary in Tanzania.

Experience a different way of living. You can Hike, Climb, Safari, Air Safari, Shop, go on Culinary Safaris and visit historical villages that are still inhabited by indigenous peoples.


A Diary in Tanzania

Destination Tanzania

I had the most diverse experiences in Tanzania. One day I was standing at the Uhuru Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 5895m and the next I was in the Serengeti watching the lions and the leopards.

Stayed at On Kilimanjaro it was all in a tent. No hotels up there but the stay was spectacular nonetheless. In the Serengeti I stayed at Ikoma tented camp. On the Ngorngoro crater I stayed at the Serena Safari Lounge.  The hotels were amazing. All of them were exactly what they claim to be and much more. All of them are in the national park so there are always animals around to see. The Masaai tribes protect the hotels and give a great cultural infusion to the whole experience. The dining experience at all the accommodations was a combination of local dishes and international cuisine. 

Diary Climbing Kilimanjaro is pretty straight forward. Wake up. Walk. Sleep. Repeat. But all the while taking in the incredible experience that is the worlds tallest free standing mountain. It is really an epic experience that requires volumes to describe. On Safari my diary, if i kept one, would be filled with thoughts on how we as human beings don’t fit in this perfect natural equation that we were witnessing every day.

What To Pack Shorts, T shirts, waterproof pants, waterproof shorts, waterproof poncho, hat, scarf, gloves, high altitude waterproof mountain wear, hiking shoes, gaiters, flipflops, sunscreen (and lots of it), back pack, 3 water bottles, sunglasses, hiking poles. 

Where to Eat The restaurant at the Serena Lodge Hotel in Ngorongoro had the best local cuisine at dinner and probably the best breakfast spread I have seen.

Where to Shop  Shopping is limited in the area unless you are looking to buy tourist trinkets. If you are its best to buy it directly from Massai villages to support the local community.

What Month September

Traveling Tip If you are climbing Kilimanjaro,

don’t be fooled by those who call it easy.It is not easy. It is an extremely challenging hike and the mountain deserves the utmost respect.

In terms of things not to do I would avoid staying out late at night without a local if you are venturing into the towns of Arusha or Moshi. Its not dangerous but its better to have someone to help you find your way around. If you are on Safari do not walk around without an escort at night. The hotels and tented accommodations are in the open safari and animals have been known to linger around the sites.

How to get there I flew through Doha on Qatar airways. Qatar Airways flies to Kilimanjaro International Airport via Dar Es Salam. Its reasonably comfortable depending on the plane you get.




By Rami G Rasamny

By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny
By Rami G Rasamny

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