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Reset at L’esprit Clinic Dubai

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Reset at L’esprit Clinic DubaiLike0

They say a beautiful mind, a beautiful life. The same goes for a hydrating face. Being on the go go go all the time does wear you out so I make it a point to re-visit a clinic for pressing reset. Last week I had try L’esprit Clinic thanks to a good friend’s recommendation.

L’esprit Clinic is an award winning clinic in the UAE running since 1991.

The clinic specializes in treatments for skin, hair and body concerns with elite surgical and non-invasive options on offer, all of which provide long-lasting results. Popular treatments include skin rejuvination, botox and fillers, laser and electrolysis hair removal, seminpermanent makeup and body re-shaping practices.

I booked for a hydra facial which integrates cleansing, exfoliation and hydration simultaneously using patented serums. It features the ability to hydrate the skin with effortless and painless extraction due to spiral abrasion tip combined with customized serums that soften, lift and extract sebum and impurities. Hydra-facial combines advanced technology with skin care knowledge for delivery of a comprehensive skin treatment.

I’ve had my share of facials post and prior travel, this one left me amazed with instant results!

Remember that part of traveling is also maintaining great healthy skin and health. Don’t underestimate the amount of stress your body goes through!

Highly recommended *****/*****

A 20% discount is offered to Travel Junkie Diary readers on a Hydra Facial.
Just quote ‘Travel Junkie Diary’  to receive the discount.

Hydra Facial
Cost: 1,200 AED
Clinic Timings: 9.30am – 6.30pm (except Fridays)
Lesprit Phone Number: 04 338 8238

Villa 510 Beach Road, Jumeirah 3 (next to Sunset Mall)

04 338 8238

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