Travel Junkie Diary of Turkey

Sandra Sawaya

Monday, March 25, 2013
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We are in Turkey with a good old friend and our breakfast partner Sandra Sawaya. Popular and loved by so many, classy and funny like her idol Audrey Hepburn. A Successful PR workaholic at Christian Dior Couture Middle East and a world business class traveler! We are so lucky to have her amongst our first Travel Junkies!

Here is her Diary…

Destination Bodrum, Turkey

Month June and July (twice! loved it so much!)

Stayed at kempinski Hotel, Barbaros Bay

In her suitcase Lots of swim suits, dresses, SPF (or you’ll burn), camera and my Dior sunglasses of course, the rest you get from there!

Dined at try Restaurant – Roof Marine Restaurant at Bodrum Marina Yacht Club, other than that every small kiosk and beach restaurants!

Shopped Bodrum town – all the little boutiques for the perfect accessories at such amazing prices! I shopped at the smallest stores and found such great bargains! Most of the imported things in Dubai and the Middle East is made in Turkey! They also have one of the best leather make! Cerçim – for beautiful silver jewellery

Diary Never have I loved repeating everything over and over as much as I have in Bodrum! Tan, beach, shop, food, laugh, food, sleep and repeat!

Tips Tan tan tan, beautiful beaches in Bodrum, and definitely do the cruise which stops in different areas of Bodrum for the full day, and be prepared to over shop! Check the weather before going it can be tricky!

Mode of travel  Turkish Airlines – connecting flights from Istanbul to Bodrum


Bodrum-20120729-01976(1) IMG-20110610-00923


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I’d also like to take this opportunity in my post to genuinely thank @wegoarabia a platform I always use to compare my ticket prices to get to those far far away places up North and for being such an incredible partner to TJD. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, do it, it will save you a lot of money and time while booking those flights, especially routes like Svalbard. 
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