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Spain: A Guide to Menorca

Sunday, June 16, 2019
Spain: A Guide to MenorcaLike2

Spain: A Guide To Menorca

From beautiful beaches and coves, Menorca is one of the most underrated and undiscovered Island in Spain. Learn more on where to stay, which beach to explore and things to do on this Balearic Island

Why You Should Always Trust Your Instincts

There were so many times I was asked where I was going in Spain, and when I would say Menorca, the usual response I would get was “You mean Mallorca”

 Nope, I meant: M E N O R C A.

Menorca, one of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Traditionally more low-key than its neighbors, Mallorca (Majorca) and Ibiza, it’s known for its endless beaches, from miles-long sandy crescents to rocky, turquoise-watered bays called “calas.” A one hour flight from Barcelona with Vueling.

Menorca is one of the most beautiful beach destination I have ever been to. White sand, the sea an almost-unbelievable shade of turquoise, and the prettiest scenery – Menorca’s beaches are often compared to the Caribbean, and yet they’re so close to home. Traveling to Menorca with the family is one of the most relaxing and adventurous destination together. A one hour flight to Ibiza and one hour and thirty minutes ferry to Mallorca.

I have to start by saying that it wasn’t easy planning Menorca. At first impression, you would think that because the island is so small, the word “Menorca” is designed to emphasize the fact that the island is smaller than its larger neighbour, Mallorca — simple as that. The maximum distance between any two points is roughly 30 miles and it’s only about 10 miles wide on average… But I was wrong in thinking it would be a piece of cake planning.

Firstly, 5 star hotels in Menorca are scarce, very scarce, and the only incredible boutique hotels that I have picked from where adults only, or not beach front, or full (even 5 months prior my trip) such as Artiem Carlos, Can Faustino, Casa Alberti, Biniatram or Torrablenc. 

My second choice was to then explore Airbnb, I was craving for a quiet stay, in a villa, by the pool facing the beach… but there were so many villas in so many different areas and it was challenging to decide which area to stay in. 

After numerous attempt to reach the owners of the villas, the rates were incredibly low, the response was even slower. I started to investigate more and found one which I was happy with. My gut instinct at the time took reign over my decision and thought of researching more on these villas, and so, almost losing my patience, I found forums online discussing on the scams and started digging deeper into it and it all made sense.

The delay in the responses from the agents when I asked many questions seemed understood now. I was pointed into the direction to only rent villas from reputable tour operators and even some travelers on Airbnb got scammed. 

Two weeks before my trip, our tickets our booked and our one night stay in Barcelona was booked at Hotel Arts Barcelona, but, no Menorca stay yet!

I looked on all booking platforms such as but could not find a hotel to my taste. I then turned to WEGO. A platform that compares all prices and hotels from vendors and found so many other accommodation including Melia Hotel and the villa we rented. Needless to say, I booked Melia directly with the hotel for a couple of days in Cala Saldana, opted for a family size room which made it very worthwhile as it was larger than the standard room with a corridor in between both our rooms as the standard room was too small to fit an extra bed for chloe, and, our villa and domestic flights through WEGO‘s vendors and our family vacation was a go! I had booked my car, which you need in Menorca if you are planning to explore and get from one place to another, through HERTZ, simply because I absolute love and trust their service, their rates, and I always collect skywards miles, which helps a lot on my travel expenses when booking my flight!

It was the best decision I ever made and I was so thankful that I learned, through my travels, to always listen to my heart and what my instincts tell me. That’s my advice to you. There has been many cases I would hear travelers complain about a scam or illegal use of drones in Egypt for example and would point fingers at everything but themselves. Do your research, and then, do some more.

Travel, as glamorous as it is, could end up disastrous if you don’t do the work. 

The best way around the island is on road trips to explore the hidden beaches

Visit Cova d’en Xoroi at sunset to catch one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island and enjoy the great music vibes with cocktails

Road trips around the island is one of the best way to explore as well as by boat

There are many view points on the island, some of them include religious sites and some cultural. Monte Toro is one of the view points we drove to by car and was rewarded with magical sunsets across the island

At Sunset In Cala Galdana

Some activities in Menorca include:

Menorca is an island filled with activities for all ages, I travelled with my parents, husband and my 7 year old and everyday, we found ourselves enjoying doing the things we loved the  most.

Go Beach Hunting

There are countless number of beaches and coves in Menorca, some are easy to get to by car and by foot and some could only be reached by boat. Many of the beaches are serviced and many are not, so make sure you check before you go!

Beach Activities

Beach activities in Menorca are found almost on every beach. Kayaking, Windsurfing, Pedalo, Snorkeling and Diving, Sailing, waterparks. There are even small freelance vendors roaming around selling some of the trendiest bohemian beach dresses!

Explore wine tasting  

Some of the best wineries are found on the island of Menorca and dates back to the 13th century when the Moors inhabited the island, and its production peaked centuries later thanks to huge demand during British occupation. There are about 6 popular wineries where you can spend almost all day there and have lunch or dinner!

Visit Churches and Religious Sites

From old fortresses and ancient standing stones, Menorca, with its strategic position at the heart of the western Mediterranean has been at a pivotal point of the development of trade and the growth of civilisation ever since the first settlers from mainland Spain came here in the early Bronze Age. They built stone structures, temples, and elaborate burial chambers, which can still be seen throughout the island.

Road Trips

To get from one tip to another will take about one and half hour. But to explore the little island, the best way is by car to enjoy the incredible landscape and viewpoints. From Mahon to the Cuitadella or from one beach to another, road trips are the best way to get a good idea on how beautiful the island is.

Fun Activities in the waterpark for kids

There is no shortage of water activities and fun things to do in the island for the kids! Some of them  include waterparks such as Aqua Rock Water park and Parque Acuatico. There are about 3 or 4 parks to visit that we loved and for sure, the kids will love too!

Sail across the island to discover hidden coves and beaches

Plan Your Trip To Menorca

Hotel & Flights Bookings

Car Booking 
Hertz Rent A Car

Sailing Trip 


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