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The Four Seasons Beirut

Monday, February 23, 2015
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I thought really hard on ways to write this article on The Four Seasons Beirut. It’s true, I am Lebanese and have been outside Lebanon for 34 years now. People always ask me if I ever ‘lived’ in Lebanon. I believe they are asking the wrong question. I have lived in Lebanon, just not how they meant the question. There was a time back when I was in high school in Dubai and Lebanon was our destination for summer vacation. I lived those days more than I ever lived before. We used to wait till school break to travel back to Lebanon for 3 months of summer. My grandmother was also alive at that time. I ached for ‘home’ when I was away. Home being my safe place, my grandmother, my friends and the summer days spent every day by the beach. I really did ‘live’ in Lebanon. The question is today, will I still ‘live‘ in Lebanon? Truth is, it may not be the soundest place to be in, nor may it be quietest place, I finally figured out that not every crisis can be managed. As much as we want to keep ourselves safe, we can’t protect ourselves from everything. If we want to embrace life, we also have to embrace chaos. But Safety like light, it’s a facade. This is how I felt being back. So this is my article as I stayed in The Four Seasons Beirut. I think this is what we all look for when staying in a  foreign land or home. Safety. That was the only word I can relate with being here. So, have I lived in Lebanon? Yes, many times. Will I still live in Lebanon? Yes…Many times, as long as I feel safe and The Four Seasons Beirut gave me that. So, this is a ‘close to home’ post. I found safety.

The Four Seasons Beirut

I would like to thank special people I met during this trip, Ralph Hneine and Ghenwa Bou Ghanem who were so lovely to work with during the photo-shoot.

Expose by Ralph Hneine

The Four Seasons Beirut

At First Impression

As you are pulled into the front doors of The Four Seasons Beirut and if you are a familiar with hotels in beirut, you will immediately notice the open space at the entrance. The marina faced hotel has one of the biggest advantage by being magically located walking distance from Zeitouna Bay and Downtown but still away from the close buildings and the street life. Facing the sea, the breeze and the music before the sliding doors made it hopeful that we are going to love our stay! I even felt comfortable taking a selfie with my daughter and posting it on Instagram. We were booked in a Four Season Sea View Suite. Room 801. Facing the Marina. You could only see the yachts and the endless skyline. It almost feels like you are in your own world here, safe and relaxed and front row view of the beautiful storm that passed through. A welcome letter, chocolates and flowers were left in my room, already felt loved and well taken care of. Chloe had her own basket of goodies too. The small details such as a basket of toiletries for her, complimentary cheese and wine in the evening and a handwritten note from the hotel welcoming us.

Roof Top by Ralph Hneine
Roof Top by Ralph Hneine
The Four Seasons Beirut Sea View
The Four Seasons Beirut Sea View

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The Rooms

230 Guest Rooms

60 Suites

“Creativity does not exist without dreams, the capacity to dream about our projects enable us to create hotels that stimulate, surround and soothe all the senses.”

Pierre Yves Rochon designed the elegant and sexy hotel as a modern luxury look with beautiful Mediterranean sea view surrounding with floor to ceiling windows for the perfect jet setters. One of my favorite moments was when I was working in bed and I had the full 180 deg view of the storm. For the first time in forever, we wanted to just stay indoors and enjoy the room. The space, room service and stay warm. In most hotels in winter, you can feel almost suffocated, but we were left here with so much peace instead and familiarity.

My Favorite In Room Amenities/Features

Hair dryer, DVD Player, iPod dock in rooms, PlayStation on request, The walk in closet and Thick terry bathrobes.

FSB Standard Rm 0016
Bed Room

The Dining

There were rumors about The Four Seasons Beirut having the best hotel breakfast, the Lebanese food blogger No Onions No Garlic once featured that right here on Travel Junkie Diary. I always questioned it obviously but I had a chance to find out why breakfast at Four Season Beirut was the talk of the town.

Breakast at The Four Seasons Beirut
Breakfast at The Four Seasons Beirut

A selection of oriental breakfast, American and continental was served on the table as a choice. A buffet style of fruits, cereals and pastries where available as well as fruits and vegetables. Breakfast is served from 6:30 am to 12:00 pm making it to the longest breakfast in the city. The Grill Room offers succulent steaks that is cooked in a special way that pulls you in no matter what. The ambiance was quiet and calm, the storm had that effect maybe but it was simple and elegant. Menu is straight forward without having too much complication which leaves you decisive and satisfied. Make sure to ask for the homemade bread. We ordered the Cod, spinach salad and the ladie’s cut tenderloin with natural juice and asparagus. (Mouth watering as I type). The Rooftop was closed for the season but named the best rooftop terrace where we had fun shooting.

Asparagus Salad
Asparagus Salad


Other Info and Recommended for…

I didn’t have a chance to try the Spa but the hotel does have great treatments. The hotel is recommended for families with children (with onsite amenities, in house games and babysitting services), honeymooners and business stays. Make sure you book the sea view room to take advantage of the view!  Despite being one of the highest rated and luxury hotel, you can always find several offers like  Suite Break package and the Beirut Getaway [Click Here]

What I loved the most…

The breakfast was definitely my high! It was the first time we spent more than 45 minutes on a table enjoying the simple and quiet ambiance with comfortable and cozy seating. The food was delicious and they even catered to my 3 year old’s needs.

The bed was my second favorite thing! The cold winter mood helped! Order room service and just enjoy the breathtaking view and space.

Service and safety come in first. The hotel kept the promise. The Lebanese warmth and hospitality exceeded my expectations.

Would I return? In a heart beat!

Four Seasons Hotel Beirut
1418 Professor Wafic Sinno Avenue
2020 4107 Minet El Hosn
Tel. +961 (1) 761000 Fax. +961 (1) 761100

City View Suite
City View Suite
The Grill Room Terrace
The Grill Room Terrace
FS Roof Top
FS Roof Top


Wine & Cheese night
Wine & Cheese night

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Expose by Ralph Hneine
Expose by Ralph Hneine

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