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Meydan Beach | Dubai

Monday, July 1, 2013
Meydan Beach | DubaiLike0

Last weekend, we spent the day at The Meydan Beach in JBR, Dubai. A very overdue visit, given our travel schedule, it is almost impossible to keep up! Having flown back in on a Saturday morning at 6am, it was obvious that sleep was not on the agenda, what was on the plan however was a day out in the sun {in the name of research even if it was 40 degrees}, A bet was made that swimming in Dubai in the summer heat would be incredibly uncomfortable and unbearable, we were here to prove that wrong…if you go to the right places of-course!

There are many adjectives one can only use in a sentence, just words. So here goes… Luxury, peaceful, chill out music, great food, great ambiance {It was quiet, personal, relaxing, classy}, selective people, simple, blissful, dreamy. The Meydan Beach in Dubai is the place to be!

{Location, Location, Location} JBR walk, (It used to be the Dubai Properties HQ)

{Parking} Plenty of – You park inside the property

{Entrance} As you walk in, a hostess greets you and takes you to the reception. You then are asked what sort of guest category you fall into… Hotel guest, membership guest, walk in guest… and do the needful. At a price of AED 495 per person on a weekend, we were given AED 250 F&B credit to be used at Infinity Pool Bar as well. Towels are provided by the club of-course.

{Ambiance} We had a beautiful experience, there were not many people, just the right number, we had Cafe del Mar music being played in the background, sunbeds in the water, infinity pool that was very well cooled, we did not feel the intensity of the heat, the service was fast with our cocktails, clearly the place kept its image with the selective crowd. The

{Food} The infinity bar is closed during the summer, they have moved it indoor, which made more sense. We ordered the calamari and prawn, the mini burgers, and the Gruyere club sandwich. For deserts we opted for the ravioli pineapple which is mouth watering as I am actually writing this! They also have a Mediterranean restaurant facing the infinity pool with a bar. Have Mocktails by the pool, they have a great selection!

{Spa} We took the 15 minute spa pre-sun SPF application massage and the 15 minutes after sun gel application massage. A perfect start and end to our day, although, a small warning, it was incredibly hard to focus on the road on our way back after that last massage! Sleep was in order! In Ramadan, they have weekly offers on different spa treatments.

{Family friendly} They have a kids pool and a kids corner inside the club with a babysitter on site.

{Facilities} Infinity pool with sun loungers in the water, the beach, gym facing the pool and beach, salon for ladies by Fadi Chedid, steam room, beach bar  ( Cafe Del Mar), outdoor infinity jacuzzi, kids room, kids pool.

{Service} Very attentive, personal, especially loved the icy water towels being passed around and face spraying with Evian water.

Overall, it was a beautiful, relaxing experience with great staff who is willing to go that extra mile to make you happy and comfortable and a great place to unwind and get away from the busy week and crowd that you face everywhere, everyday. It still amazes us what a beautiful city Dubai is and how you can find serenity in every corner, regardless of how busy the country is!

I win the bet!


Weekday (Sunday- Thursday) : 250 AED per Person including 100 AED F&B credit to be used at Infinity Pool Bar

Weekend (Friday&Saturday) : 495 AED per Person including 250 AED F&B credit to be used at Infinity Pool Bar

Weekend Sundowner (Friday & Saturday after 4pm) : 250 AED per Person including 100 AED F&B credit to be used at Infinity Pool Bar

They also offer yearly membership rates.

For more info – Contact The Meydan Beach


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*Profile picture taken by The Meydan Beach


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    Wow, this is looking nice place, I enthusiastic visit at the Meydan beach.

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