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TJD Summer in Finland Series

Wednesday, May 8, 2019
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Summer in Finland by the Lake

A Summer experience in Finland where the other side of nature comes alive in its own way!  Join our midsummer tour to Lake District . Experience a genuine Finnish Midsummer by the lake!

Travel with TJD to Finland

A Midsummer Experience in Lakeland

Throughout all the month of June & July

5 Nights, Starting Price


What it Includes


  • 1 night at arrival in a hotel  by seaside close to Helsinki
  • 2 nights in glass igloos in lake district
  • 2 nights in superior double suites (or standard single) in a unique hotel in lake district 


Sauna, swimming & jacuzzi on two nights, fatbiking trip 2h, canoe trip 2h, boat trip on lake Saimaa, midnight kayak or rowing tour (more enjoyment than heavy sports), lake spa on two days, aerial yoga session




Airport transfer in Helsinki two ways, train and taxi to the first destination, bus from the first resort to the next one, bus to Mikkeli, train back to Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

What it Excludes

Airfare, alcoholic beverages, visa, tips, any additional meals, extra tours

Itinerary in Brief

Day 1  

Arrival into Helsinki 

  • Night in hotel (superior room with sea view)

Day 2   

  • Breakfast 
  • Train to Jyväskylä (extra class to ensure more space as it is the Midsummer Eve)
  • Activities: Sauna, Swimming, Jacuzzi and Bbq Dinner
  • Night in a brand new glass igloo by lake

Day 3   

  • Breakfast 
  • Fatbiking trip 
  • Paddling trip by canoes 
  • Sauna, Swimming, Jacuzzi and Dinner in a private room next to sauna
  • Night in a brand new glass igloo by lake

Day 4  

  • Breakfast
  • Transfer to another hotel 
  • Swim or visit at the lake spa 
  • Dinner

Day 5  

  • Breakfast
  • Aerial yoga in lake spa
  • Sup-Boarding 
  • Dinner

Day 6  

  • Breakfast
  • Boat trip to National park with lunch by open fire
  • Lake Spa
  • Transfer to Mikkeli with a 90-minute stop at Raijan aitta (strawberries, linen handmade  products, coffee & pastry!!!)
  • Train to Helsinki from Mikkeli (dinner on train)

Day 7

  • Departure day

Finland in Summer

Light summer nights, when sun sets for a moment only to rise again soon after. Experience a genuine Finnish Midsummer by a lake. 

Midsummer  is the most important part of the Finnish summer. We celebrate the nightless nights. The more north you go, the lighter the nights are. At Midsummer the Finns get to their summer cabins with their families, have sauna and barbeque together. An important tradition is the Midsummer fire, which is set on fire at Midnight.

In summer and especially at Midsummer Finns like to dance. LIve orchestras are playing at country-side dance halls all over the country. Only 3km from the hotel there is a dance hall, where a legendary group called Matti and Teppo are playing on the 21st of June (entrance 20e) and tango king Tomi Markkola on the 22nd of June. 

What makes this trip so special

Craving for constant adventure got me this far! Our Travel with TJD mini series, takes us to explore Finland in summer!  An adventure of a lifetime into the midnight sun! Almost everything throughout our journey will be based on sustainability travel, historical journeys, a true culinary arctic experience and an intense off the beaten path adventure! This trip is purely experiential and adventure and is open to all those who are ready to drop everything, for a chance to get out there and explore the Finnish summers. Open to all ages! 

Dennis Stever is a travel photographer and social media professional from Halifax, Canada. Residing in Dubai for the past 5 years, Dennis has traveled to over 40 countries, capturing colourful landscapes and culture from around the world. With 10 years of experience behind the lens, Dennis has worked with tourism boards, international hotel brands, and industry leading companies to create engaging photography campaigns. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced photographer, Dennis is excited to share his techniques and passion with you. 

You can follow him on Instagram 

A detailed itinerary is only available to those who register and book the trip

Flights/ Getting to Helsinki

From the Middle East/GCC 

TJD Mini Series 

Midsummer Adventure to the Midnight Sun

Email [email protected] if you wish to learn more

We will help you plan your flight schedule and send you a list of packing material you need for the trip.

 To book, please fill in the form attached and we will contact you by phone or by email. 

Please make sure you add the subject TJD Midnight Sun Series Finland 




“A big thanks to you Michelle for assisting me and taking care of me during and before the trip. From hotel arrangements, to visas, to sailing gear and even the fun activities you have prepared for us. You are very professional and always available for all my questions regarding my trip. I had a lovely time in Norway and I would not have enjoyed this trip without your amazing support. Doing business with you is really hassle free and everything has been so smooth. I will recommend you to all my friends who are planning their vacation trips and I, for sure, will be be back again on your TJD trips”

Nihal, Egypt

“Overall it was an amazing experience! At first I was not sure about the two boats instead of one, but honestly, it really worked out for the best and I genuinely loved the catamaran experience and visiting the island and seeing the stars at sea the most. I could have definitely done it for a few more nights even!! I think, I’m discovering a new passion with the whole sailing, it was really great that I got to learn and assist with some of it, gave me such a buzz! I also loved the reindeer and learning about the Sami culture and the ‘YOIK’ “

Mona, London

“Thank you so much for having me and giving people new realities as you say! Living your dream! You see incredible in others because of who you are yourself, so we are so incredible, changing other people’s world, each one of us in our own special way! Thank you! Love you! “

Martina, Spain

“Lovely Michelle,
Never would I have thought I would go on a group trip. Nor, did I expect that this would be one of the best trips I have done so far. This trip has exceeded my expectations and was beyond unforgettable! Your enthusiasm, positive energy, efforts and care before within and even after the trip, have made a massive impact on everyone and have been an inspiration to me on a personal level. You really put your heart and soul in to what you do and have shown that you CAN make your dreams come true and that makes me chase mine! Also, not to forget the incredible selection of the guests. I made some amazing friends through this amazing little journey and we all shared an unforgettable experience. As you kept saying “It’s an experience” and I would recommend everyone to experience a TJD trip themselves! Keep shining! Much love “

Ahlam, Dubai


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The digital world can either inspire you or exhaust you from repeatedly the same quotes, topic of conversations, images, style, colors, places, food etc. 
I’ve promised myself since the very start, not to fall into a trap of measuring & using my passion for photography based on the number of likes and comments on Instagram, but instead, to shoot, post, open my heart and soul through challenging myself to be more creative through my lens and be more of myself, in between dreams and reality and most importantly, for the feeling to be real...
As creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes, Art is knowing which ones to keep... So bare with me a little until I find myself again...
  • The trips we host on @travelwithtjd on our polar journeys for the past years has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life and I’m so incredibly grateful for everything I’ve learned, experiences, felt, seen and for the people I’ve met on our trips! 
Our season starts this September with different groups traveling with @dennisstever and I to Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland! 
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Thank you for showing me my true strength... Not only physical strength, but more importantly mental strength.
Thank you for allowing me to let go... Whenever I feel I need a break from the world, your shala is the first place I run to... and when I’m away, it’s the first place I think of when I practice on my own, miles away. The sound of my breathing alone, takes me back to the exact spot where I place my mat... and I’m fully transported back to the stillness and awareness. 
Thank you for giving me a safe place to seek connection & allowing me to breathe... when I’m at my most vulnerable, you’ve made it ok for my tears to roll down my face in Savasana or during a posture, open up and just be me without any judgement. 
Thank you for offering so much of yourself to allow me to grow through my practice... Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of yoga, how to practice not only on the mat, but off the mat too... Yoga is a natural state of mind and not whether or not you can touch your toes. 
The light in me honors the light in you. Happy New moon 
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