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An affair with Toro Toro in Dubai

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
An affair with Toro Toro in DubaiLike0

Toro Toro in Dubai


Restaurants are a dime a dozen in Dubai, so in order to stand out you must really set yourself apart. You must be able to dazzle your diner with decor and ambiance, delight their senses with your cuisine, attend to their every need with impeccable service, and make them feel that every dollar spent was worthwhile. Toro Toro is like the Mary Poppins of restaurants – always providing a little something extra, a little something special for their guests.

Across Latin America, food is more than a meal. It’s an event. It’s a celebration that’s shared, savored and enjoyed
Join us in this ritual. Our small plates are made for sharing. Start your meal with many! Fill your table and delight in flavors of Pan Latin cuisine.” This is their message to their guests.

After missing the exit to Grosvenor House Dubai several times { they need road signs up!} we finally arrived at 8:30 pm, and not a moment too soon! My stomach was grumbling and my mouth began watering as the tantalizing aromas of all the food being cooked in the open kitchen wafted toward us.

Knowing that we were not first time guests {Hey! don’t judge – I might be a jet-setting world traveler but I am also a mum…so a night out on the town has become a very special occasion!} our host made certain to walk us through the menu and he explained each dish as if he, personally, was preparing them! We felt so comfortable, part of a Latino family, so at home in this lovely establishment, that I nearly kicked off my heels under the table! Thanks to our South American trips and gourmet travel and many, many attempts in cooking, we were able to recognize some dishes!

We ordered. We drank. We ate. We fell in love. We had an affair.

The concept of this Multi-Latino cuisine is best described as a blend of style and “tapas approach” there are no traditional starter and main dishes, but only individual small plates that can be shared by everyone on the table.

So we ordered a myriad of small plates to share

–  Ceviche De Salmon { mouth watering whether you eat salmon or not!}

–  Beef Filet Anticucho skewers { Melts in your mouth, you have never tasted smoother and juicier meet like this one!}

–  Lomo Saltado Empandada

–  Salt Cod Croquettes

–  Turkey Ham Croquettes

Full disclosure here, because I realize I am painting a very glamorous, sexy picture: The Argentinian Chimichurri dip with the Tomatillo Sauce and Pico de Gallo are dangerously good and addictive! At some point during the evening, our table looked like it came out of El Rancho Bar because we ate so much of it, certainly not a fine dining moment but nothing went unnoticed, they kept filling it up! They were served with Parmesan bread and the tortilla chips.



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Toro Toro – Award Winning Latin American Restaurant in Dubai
Located in Grosvenor House Dubai · Al Sufouh road, P O Box 118500 · Dubai  ·
United Arab Emirates ·
Phone: +971 4 317 6000 ·
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  1. sana says:

    totally going there this friday!! thanks for the post

  2. Amir Latif says:

    this place looks interesting

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