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Travel to Maldives with Travel Junkie Diary

Sunday, May 22, 2016
Travel to Maldives with Travel Junkie DiaryLike0

Spend 4 nights in Maldives with Coco Bodu Hithi and Travel Junkie Diary

1 year ago, Travel Junkie Diary launched a concept, a mini series, called Travel with TJD. A social media digital campaign where we invite followers of Travel Junkie Diary to a new destination on every journey, to travel with new strangers, new opportunity and new experiences to a journey of a lifetime.

Our 1st journey was in Sri Lanka, our 2nd in Zanzibar and our 3rd was in Austria. I am super excited to announce our 4th Travel with TJD to be in Maldives, with new guests and a new journey!

You can read more about the campaign #TravelwithTJD

We are doing something different this time, we are giving a chance to one of our followers to submit their reason what they love the most about Travel With TJD for an opportunity to be selected to join our trip. We would invite you on an all paid expenses trip to Coco Bodu Hithi.

To enter to win

  1. You have to be a follower or follow Travel Junkie Diary
  2. Comment below on what you love the most about Travel With TJD.

Travel Junkie Diary

A bohemian traveler


  1. Mohamed Alaa says:

    Amazing Community really .. encouraging all people to travel .. posting photos from all over the world i can say that i defintly loved travelling because of TJD and i really wish to win with them it would be the most amazing trip ever and more of that Maldives have been always my Dream trip so that combination would be the best that ever happened to me πŸ™‚

  2. JUdeson simethy says:

    hope to win. Never travelled to any country except my home and work country.

  3. Maya Toubia says:

    Your passion for travel is stimulating. Travel with TJD concept is very healthy and inspiring, especially for enthusiastic working women, supermoms, and dreamers like you… You are telling strangers “come fly with me, let’s take this adventure together”. What a creative and genuine initiative! Keep on motivating us with your fabulous stories, keep motivating me as a mother and a business owner to never give up.

  4. Hannah says:

    To be honest, I love the authenticity and passion ! It’s few and far between you find authentic travel bloggers, in today’s world we have such a saturated market of bloggers it’s like the “in thing” to be a blogger now! So weird. But you have such quality content, both journalistically and photographically. It all tells a story. I also love how you want to connect with your followers and share with them what you love most about this world. After all, it’s so big not everyone will get to see it. It’s like we are with you on your travels, even if we are behind a phone.

  5. Seenbyida says:

    I love that we can feel like we travel with you on your jurnys. Your photos, tekst, and feeling are very inspiring. The thing I love the most is how you travel with other instagrammers, giving people opportunity to travel, to se amazing places, meeting new people and being together. You can learn a lot from this, not only about culture, people and country’s, but also from each other; about Instagram, blogging, taking photos and life in general. I would love to travel with you and all the other people you invite! You are an inspiration!

  6. amplearabia says:

    When you travel, you’re looking for an escape from your current life, a break to be free and do whatever it is that brings you peace. With #TravelwithTJD this space becomes a cohesive experience with people you’ve never met, it becomes special from the moment you leave and come back. It brings strangers together for an experience that is so holistic and beautiful. I love the idea of traveling alone, meeting new people, living new moments, but this almost eases the process of doing everything alone, yet offers the discretion of new moments spent with people you’ve just met.

  7. Divya says:

    I love the fact that TJD has started this project of inviting followers to travel together. It gives one great exposure!

  8. fatme Dakmak says:

    I love that I travel with her while sitting in my office chair. ❀️ I love that she gives you the best options to travel!

  9. Jasminda says:

    Travel Junkie Diary Does not just provide ideas for travel, they provide experience. And experience is the most expensive and irreplaceable thing on earth. γ€€

  10. Jean says:

    Put simply you’ve inspired me to do more and see more! I come from a tiny island where we lack the mentality to see the world. TJD has opened my eyes and I thank Michelle so much for this!

  11. Tjasha says:

    I love how #TravelwithTJD have this personal note and give me inspiration to travel more. #ToTravelisToLive

  12. Minu says:

    That you love to share! Who does that these days?

  13. Karl Aranha says:

    I have always been following Travel Junkie Diary and also have seen the Travel with TJD blogs and videos and it is amazing to see how different people join together and learn about the culture and beauty of the different places you visit and it is a good adventure to have complete strangers in a complete strange land never visited before to have a chance to learn more things about the destination and always travelling with friends is an amazing experience to learn about others and also build knowledge from the local inhabitants of the destination. The destination in Sri Lanka was a wonderful video i saw and how the people invited to join the Travel with TJD program was happy to meet and see the culture of Sri Lanka. That is what i love most about Travel with TJD where we see different strangers meeting to share views and also experience the culture of the destination

  14. Tatyana Arrington says:

    I recently found TJD and l love it! I think what I most enjoy is the fact that you are so willingly to offer an opportunity to people who want the experience to travel but perhaps are too scared or cannot afford it. I work two jobs and support my family and on my lunch break I love looking at your post! Thanks again for the inspiration! πŸ˜€ Love from Tatyana in Atlanta!

  15. Monica says:

    What I love most about travel with TDJ is seeing the culture and beautiful travel photos from another perspective! When I travel and see it through my own eyes or my own photo it is reminiscent and sentimental. When it’s someone else’s photo or eyes it’s a completely different experience, and can sometimes be eye opening or can possibly even change your complete perspective! Photography is wonderful!

  16. Huda A says:

    Traveling with TJD is so fun. You get experience you can’t get it if you travel alone or with your friends. Traveling with strangers from different cultures is not a something could easily happen in your life. it’s more likely to be an impossible chance than being rare. But with TJD is possible and it’s a dream that came true.

  17. Alice says:

    I love the idea of TravelWithTJD because I usually travel alone, traveling with TJD would be amazing because you have a ready made bunch of friends! It’s definitely less intimidating traveling with others, but with a bunch of strangers keeps it exciting.

    I’m always keen to meet to people, and everyone who’s been on a trip with you so far seem great fun.

    Plus… It would be amazing to get some photography tips from you as your pictures are always incredible!

    Love alice
    instagram: _alicecoleman

  18. Lachina Brimage says:

    What i love most about TJD is that they want the world to experience things that many may not be privileged to do. Traveling out of your comfort zone is something that is so mind-blowing it was a beautiful thing to experience. I love traveling it is something that I love to do ever since I was younger, the most beautiful place I have ever been to was Turks and Caicos the people and the culture was just beautiful and it’s something that I’ve never got to experience in my life until that day I would do it over and over a million times again. I can’t wait to travel again it’s an amazing experience and something you only will get once-in-a-lifetime. It’s really mind-blowing to me that when I travel people know this place like the back of their hand, this is where they live and I’m just visiting it’s really crazy and I think it’s just an amazing thing to experience.

  19. Diana&Chris says:

    We are Chris and Diana, living in Dubai and we would love to visit Maldives with you and getting inspired by you. Since we are starting our new blog it would be amazing to meet you and get all your tips and recommendations. You are an example for us!
    Thank you Michelle!

  20. Amelia says:

    Having travelled to many destinations around the world, from Iran to New York, and kept a travel blog myself (, I understand how important it is to get different perspectives and travel tips from a range of people in order to keep you travelling well. Travel is not always easy, it’s often tiring, stressful and challenging, especially in third world countries and when you are travelling with a small budget. #TravelWithTJD helps with these sort of things, providing important insider info, helping you decide what future destinations you’d like to travel to, and providing inspiring images that allow you to dream about your next big (or small) trip! Thank you! πŸ˜€

    • Travel Junkie Diary says:

      I’ll let you in on a small secret… I wanted to call my daughter Amelia after Amelia Earhart, because she’s an idol. So when I saw your name… my heart skipped a beat πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for your lovely words and your support!! xx

  21. Liliane (@funkyozzi) says:

    What I love about #TravelwithTjD is that I am going to be on their next trip to the Maldives? πŸ™‚ Honestly though, one of my favorite trips was traveling with a group of strangers where we all had the love of travel and exploration. Would be cool to do that again! Everyone has a little bit to add, makes the trip one of a kind.

  22. Talar Demirdjian says:

    I must admit, I haven’t been a long time fan, like some of the other commentators, nevertheless I’ve been struck by how you perceive the world and other cultures on your travels.

    Saying “I love to Travel” is such a cliche, since most people want to travel to escape, but you travel to discover, yourself and other people, and I feel the same.

    You travel with such an openness to learn more, feel more, understand more, that you make us all believe we are with you every second of the way, we literally feel like we are walking in your shoes. β€œThe real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”, and you give us new eyes. You somehow have the ability to look serene in all your exquisite photographs, showing us your world.

    As probably the youngest person to reply, I haven’t had the chance to explore the world due to my ambitions, I’ve always put my academics and career first, being pragmatic has always been my way of life, however, for the past couple of months I’ve lived vicariously through you, and it has been enthralling, your zest for life is infectious, and I want to be infected by you as much as possible.

    Not to mention that you’re an inspirational person to be around; a working mother, fighting off the stereotypes of “the Arab woman”, and the stigma surrounding traveling alone, and being a young entrepreneur, you have turned your passion into your career which is beautiful.

    I’ll leave you with this Norah Jones song, hoping you’ll come away with me:

  23. theresa Tsui says:

    One of the most luxurious pleasures in life is to be able to travel and explore new cultures and create experiences and memories. Whilst we all love to hop on a plane and reach a new destination I do love travelling on a virtual adventure with TJD as I am equally happy being an armchair traveller. Your happiness and curiosity as a traveller is genuine. I also appreciate you taking us on a personal virtual journey to experience your trips to the secret and unknown sides of your destination as well as showing us the social impact side of travel such as your elephant experience. Travel satisfies our wanderlust but we can also use travel to do good in the world whether it is conservation, preservation or social enterprise and your blog embodies all that.

    • Travel Junkie Diary says:

      Theresa, remember the days when we would get lost in arts and crafts?! Never in a million years did I expect this! Thank you for your support from the very start!! I can’t wait to see you again! x

  24. Rozana Mosameh says:

    Learning about new places never heard of and seeing beautiful scenery through TJDs eyes.

  25. Joelle says:

    Very simply, the optimism and positivity that gets through with every post!

  26. Lynnn says:

    What I love about TJD is that it is inspiring me to let go of what doesn’t make me happy (career-wise) and follow my dreams. I also love how you manage to balance being a travel writer and a great mom at the same time, and expose your daughter to such beautiful experiences at a young age.

  27. Angela says:

    From Australia, just moved to Dubai after living in South Africa. If my suitcase isn’t packed one isn’t living! #TravelwithTJD to keep the dream alive. Great photography that inspires travel. Any job vacancies?!

  28. Veera Bianca says:

    I love everything about this? youve inspired me from since forever! What inspires me the most ks how you engage with your audience, something we should all do more – and these trips are a fabulous way to engage on a more deeper level!

  29. Jessica says:

    As much as I love being behind my camera and shoot photos myself I also love watching other peoples photos. Its inspire me so so much. Since being a little girl I have dreamt of becomming a travelphotographer, discover the world and telling my story in pictures. Well, I didnt become a PRO photagrapher but I do takes photos everytime I travel;) Following your blog and your instagram always puts a smile on my face, thanks for that! I would love travel with you. Best regards Jessica from Sweden

  30. Leonie tiemessen says:

    Hi from holland! What i like the most? The inspiring experiences you share with us that result for me in life-changing moments. You only live once andt in that makes me realize that i want te travel as much as i can. Unfortunately its not always possible, but when i need a new blogpost from you i realize agian that traveling is the only thing that makes me richer! Thanks for that?

  31. Michelle clarke says:

    I love the way it inspires me to travel to amazing places with the delightful photos and captivating words!

  32. Romana says:

    Hi! I am a follower @manalondon πŸ™‚
    Why would I want to ttavel with TJD? Because she is a kind hearted person. To wnjoy a trip yourself and make it enjoyable for others, people in the group should be tuned together. She doesn’t just go and have fun she also makes sure she does something valuable. She adds a value to someone else’s life like these beautiful elephants she cared for on her last trip.
    Not everyone takes the time to do something that requires effort when on a 5* holiday. She does, she is my inspiration. I would love to learn more about nature and animals on my travels.
    Thank you!

  33. Nadine Kalouche says:

    I would like to escape. To leave here and find myself somewhere else. Thats it.

  34. Sarah Schenk says:

    I love to travel and reading all the posts at #traveljunkiediary inspired me to travel even more and discover and explore this beautiful world.

    Reading this blog even inspired me to start my own travel/lifestyle blog.

    I’d love to go to the Maldives with #TravelWithTJD as I think it will be an unforgetable experience and of course it would be THE perfect first post of my own blog.

  35. Lawrence Assadourian says:

    What I like most about #TravelwithTJD is the opportunity it gives me to surprise my wife with a trip to the Maldives with an expert traveler and foodie extraordinaire, an experience she has whole heartedly deserved in being an amazing mother and better half.

  36. Telse von Eicken says:

    I would Love to meet you and travel with you. All your trips are so great and I like to Look at all the amazing pictures! I would love to be a Part of it β˜€οΈ????!!!

  37. Fernanda Carvalho says:

    Travel changes us.
    Everytime I have a new scenario ahead of me, I cannot ignore the fact that I will forever carry that moment in my heart. Sometimes memories fade, but nothing can change the fact that just by living that glimpse of a moment, one is forever touched.
    That’s why I love taking pictures: it makes us freeze into eternity the images which lead to our transformation.

    #TravelWithTJD is a graceful way to experience this kind of transformation together. To enrich one’s experience. To broad our capacity of seeing beyond. I would love to take part in this journey.

  38. Fernanda Carvalho says:

    Travel changes us.
    Everytime I have a new scenario ahead of me, I cannot ignore the fact that I will forever carry that moment in my heart. Sometimes memories faid, but nothing can change the fact that just by living that glimpse of a moment, one is forever touched.
    That’s why I love taking pictures: it makes us freeze into eternity the images which lead to our transformation.

    #TravelWithTJD is a graceful way to experience this kind of transformation together. To enrich one’s experience. To broad our capacity of seeing beyond. I would love to take part in this journey.

  39. Nika says:

    I appreciate good pictures and a good instagram profile is like a visit to a museum for me! Fills my soul and inspires. You account do it all, besides I am also a travel junkie. I also love the tips and good hotels pick. Hope to see you in the Maldives! πŸ˜‰

  40. Zala Glavic (@zalaglavic) says:

    New adventures and exploring the world through TJD perspective! Every artist has its own sight…

  41. Sandra Ormos says:

    Your pictures are always lifting up my heart, it is like being in the same places like you are and it is a great inspiration!! Please keep on going. I am living now for 3 months in Dubai and would love to explore the Maldives as well!

  42. Sara Abdulla says:

    Who doesn’t love an all expense paid trip? Ofcourse we all do πŸ˜€

    But jokes aside, I have been following TJD for quite a while, ever since I caught the travel bug on my first solo trip to Cambodia. I was constantly on travel blos trying plan my next destination but one thing I never find was somebody who would plan trips from my own home base in Dubai.

    It’s one thing to read about an international travel blogger and it’s completely different when you read about a traveller l from Dubai!!! Being a female blogger was a major plus because us females do have certain interests.

    So my excitement at finding somebody who travelled locally (those short getaway destinations a big LIKE) was what initially drew me to following TJD but what made me a committed reader was the personal touch in all your posts and the fact that you actually interact and respond back to your readers is what makes TJD charming. Being able to communicate and get advice from a well seasoned traveller who is down to earth, genuine and caring to the environment and considerate to the culture of forieng lands is something I respect.

    Being a huge animal.lover myself, the recent trip to the Golden Triangle to learn more about the use of elephants in tourism is something I deeply admire and respect as animals have sadly been neglected and abused in the tourism industry and we need to raise awareness on this topic. So thank you for shedding light on this topic!!!

    So the simple low down is the TJD is AWESOME!!!

    • Travel Junkie Diary says:

      Sara, you are too cool for words!!! We def have do to a trip together!! Thank you so much for taking the time in writing to me, thank you so much for your lovely words and for following my journey! Thank you thank you!!! Please stay in touch! x

  43. Lama Karam says:

    What I love the most with #TravelwithTJD is the unique once in a lifetime experience to travel with people from different backgrounds and nationalities. This opportunity expands our mind and reminds us to always have our heart open to life and the beauty that comes with it. When we are outside our comfort zone, in a totally new place with totally new people this is where the magic starts… And this is the motto that I always try to live by…:)

  44. Solène says:

    You are an amazing woman entrepreneur and I love the way you inspire me with the beautiful pictures you take as well as the way you write your articles. You clearly are a very powerful inspirational traveller from whom I would love to learn. What could be better than travelling with you and learn directly on the spot ? It would be the best learning experience ever !!! All the best TJD and don’t change ever ! Xxx and hope to see you soon

  45. Aqsa says:

    What I love most about your post and page is that being a women , you travel alone, many times, when in this world being in middleEast it’s abit difficult sometime .but you inspire so many young women that they can achieve there dream of travelling , you show how beautiful nature is , I specially loved your post , where you stay with elephant n took care of them…that’s like the best part.

    And even more after meeting you in person I realised you are soo down to earth and humble .love you and your page ..keep up the good work.

    And thank you for inspiring people around.

    • Travel Junkie Diary says:

      I understand what you mean. I wrote many articles on traveling alone, I hope you have a chance to read them. Tented Camps in Thailand was one of my life changing experiences where I grew so much from that trip. I will never forget it. Thank you for following my journey!!

  46. Snezhana Horiachova says:

    You give me a hope that my dreams will come true, i always was dreaming about travelling all over the world, and when u post new picture from any part on earth i believe that time will come and i ll be there…

  47. Rupal says:

    Because this is such a fantastic resource for avid travelers – especially love the peek into beautiful resorts that are truly unique experiences

  48. Amanda says:

    What a fantastic way to see a new country! It’s always better to travel with someone who can show you the best of a new place, not just the touristy spots… I always find travelling with new people a great place to discover a new part of myself too! ??

  49. Abrina says:

    Nothing really matters but experience. Thank you for giving chance and creating such a travel concept for those who wants to dare himself for extraordinary moments that could not happen just everyday. Stranger is a friend that we’ll meet in future and hopefully I can be a part of your travel diaries #TravelWithTJD

  50. Reema says:

    Traveling with people you don’t know, exploring cultures, living the now, creating memories, and doing it all with love. Who’d want to miss that?

  51. Kerry Smith says:

    I love how inspirational your posts are, it makes me excited to explore the amazing places we have around us! We went to Vietnam to Ninh Van Bay after reading about it on your blog! So helpful that you added all the tips & trips making it effortless for us! Love, love, love your blog! Keep up the amazing work, mwah! ? #TravelWithTJD ?

    • Travel Junkie Diary says:

      Sometimes, when I express myself…I forget that so many people actually read them!I then turn my phone around so I don’t feel tempted in deleting it! Thank you for your lovely words! Hope to meet you one day! x

  52. AyshaSaiha says:

    Just fact that you travel with people you have never known and make so much memories along with them that you are going to treasure for the rest of your life is quite interesting to me.
    #TravelwithTJD gives an opportunity to people from different nationalities to come together and travel. I can only imagine the knowledge a person can gain from travelling along with such a diverse group.
    This is certainly one of the things I love the most about #TravelwithTJD

  53. Esraa Ammar says:

    Your page is full of simple pleasures, warm hearts, soulful pictures and amazing smiles. You will always be my source of inspiration, and maybe one day I get the chance to make people happy the way you do.

    • Travel Junkie Diary says:

      Thank you Esraa! I can’t believe how many of you sent me messages! I am overwhelmed!! I am in the business of trying to make those special people happy. I hope I can always do that! You just made ME happy! πŸ™‚

  54. Lamia Fawaz says:

    Such a brilliant concept!! Well done!

  55. Rita B says:

    This concept is amazing, I love the fact that you give normal people the chance to travel to amazing places and meet interesting people ❀️ I thought it was just for social media celebrities but turns out it’s not!

    • Travel Junkie Diary says:

      Hey Rita! I am totally ‘normal’. If normal is crazy and quiet at the same time πŸ™‚ No such thing as social media celebrities believe me! I see you are a yogi fan like me? πŸ™‚ Would love to practice together one day!

  56. Dani says:

    I love how you created this concept and how much it has grown since Sri Lanka!

  57. Farah Jalal says:

    You are an inspiration. I’m a mother and a business owner and I travel a lot for my job. I hope one day I get the courage to stay strong and raise my kids the same way I see you trying to raise your little girl. Keep up the great work, you are an entrepreneur, a woman and a fabulous role model to many. Good luck on Travel with TJD!

  58. Mel says:

    Hi TJD! It’s so lovely what you do and how you do it. There are many things that I enjoy from following you in instagram. I love how you travel with your little one and the pictures that capture those wonderful moments. Like when she’s the first one at the breakfast table! It reminds me of my childhood and my mum and then makes me look back at the pictures when we’ve been away together when I was a child. It’s very special. Most of all I enjoy your inspirational quotes and writings and that often you nail how I’m feeling or of a longing. I know you may know this as I sometimes praise them “out loud” when I leave you a comment. I hope I have a fair chance to win to travel to the Maldives. It’s a destination that I find magical and that I wish I will someday have the opportunity to go to. I wish you a very nice start to the week. Lots of love from London! X

  59. Sharon Saldanha says:

    Its not very often these days where you come across people who take others to explore new places. I would love love love to be a part of your travels for once and learn so much more about it from you! πŸ™‚

  60. Christine says:

    I love that #TravelWithTJD inspires me and so many others! TJD captures amazing stories through her photos and allows me to follow her journey. I also love the idea of bringing strangers together to experience something we all enjoy and have in common.

  61. Sally says:

    When i look at you i feel your one complete person alone, and thats almost rare to find ! It inspires me and after so much soul searching and healing i still find what i see in you more powerful. I blog about food @dinewithsally and this would be a great opportunity and exposure for tjd and dinewithsally ..

  62. greatthingsinuae says:

    What I love most is that I get all the important info of each places you’ve been to. More likely that I’ll be traveling to as well. So they are informative for me and those inspiring messages that I see on your Instagram as well.
    Bebolion here in Instagram following

  63. Celina Yang says:

    To be simple, I love the beautiful photos of all of nature’s sceneries. Amidst the stress of life and the reality of this world which at times could be cruel, seeing the photos always calms me down, filling me with strength and hope again, to give back to this beautiful world. With time, as I grow older, I hope to explore every aspect this world offers, areas with and without civilization. Mankind may have intruded on the vast land of this world, but our writing and photos will be able to record and pass down the aging of nature. To be able to allow others to appreciate the beauty of our world if what I love most about travel junkie diary. To give others the opportunity to live vicariously through the blogs and photos is what I aspire to be able to do in the future. Hence I long for the opportunity to travel this unique group of people and learn the most I could! #TravelWithTJD

  64. kellierose wilson says:

    My number one goal in life is to travel to as many places as possible before I leave this world. I am being totally honest here, it is my greatest passion and desire in life. Maldives is a place at the top of my list to visit. I love that #TravelWithTJD gives people one of the BEST opportunities anyone could have in life. I love the famous quote, “To Travel, is To Live” and oh how true it is. I love the idea that TJD gives the chance to make everlasting memories with others from across the world who share my passion for travel. I have never felt so alive as I have when traveling. I plan my next trip while on my last. I live for the chance to explore. Thank you for this amazing opportunity and I know that whoever you choose as your travel companion, their lives will be forever changed!

  65. Melissa says:

    The photography is amazing! I love being able to live vicariously through someone else since my husband and I cannot afford to travel the world.

  66. Carrie says:

    I love how Michelle is so authentic and genuine with her travel stories and in her interactions with her readers.


  67. Cathy Rodrigues says:

    I enjoy Travel withTJD because it shows you a different aspects of travelling. Gives us an insight depth of the place and its surrounding beauty. I love all the tips and guides and just down to earth reality about every post.

  68. Nermeen Edrees says:

    for someone who believes that one must wake up to as many different sunrises as possible, TJD tells me that this is quite possible. That dreaming is part of the reality. Away from the passion to wandering and meandering, it is the inspiration. The conviction that passion is a way of living, a lifestyle.

  69. norellehinds says:

    I love how Travel with TJD brings strangers together to experience the wonders that the world has to offer. Sometimes we get trapped in our own little life bubbles and miss out on amazing people and experiences, but Travel with TJD allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and be amazed at what the wider world has to offer. It’s eye opening.

  70. charlyn may says:

    I love the most about #TravelWithTJD is the experienced shared in traveling not just with the cliche reason of exploring and meeting with strangers. But the fact that with all the negativity that’s happening around the world right now that I myself can say that I get affected so easily that even though how much I have wanted to explore the world, I’m already covered with fear and anxiety. So traveling alone with strangers to see the real meaning of exploration now became the craziest dream for me. I liked it when TJD said that we must not get ourselves out of the negativity which (escape) is my only option but instead we should just fence it. We must not stop and fear is always there. As long as you believe and being truthful to yourself?! I believe that traveling with strangers puts the real meaning of exploration. It has been my dream to travel alone and get to know a lot of people and see not just the beauty of the world but the real meaning of exploration that travel gives. I hope to get privileged and join you as you explore more of the beauty of this life that has been blessed to us. #TravelWithTJD

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