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Villa Semana – Bali

Saturday, April 27, 2013
Villa Semana – BaliLike0

At some point in our writing, travel and research – comes a time where – we reach a block of words, to describe a feeling we have. This place was one of them. Words substitute a feeling you will possess when staying here. Its attention to detail is not shy away from perfection especially when it comes to service. It is one of our hidden gems. Built with the discerning traveler in mind, Villa Semana allows you to experience the romance and charm of staying in a Bali villa while enjoying the amenities of a modern hotel. The food prepared by the chef is awesome and ingredients used are fresh and meticulously picked and organic. A boutique hotel, relaxing, peaceful and 15 min ride from center of Ubud, a place for couples, a place for getting away, the best part is seeing the real beauty of the place in the morning as soon u got up, the forest, river, small water fall, everything seemed so breathtaking. Do not miss the spa! Perfect location for practicing yoga and even take up a cooking class! We can not wait to return to Bali in a few months! Oh, and ps: there are NO TVs on site! Two thumbs up!

Other additional benefits are :
– Delicious chocolate cake in your villa every evening
– Daily Free High-Tea from 4pm – 5pm at our poolside restaurant
– Tropical fruit basket replenished daily in the villa
– Free bottled mineral water in the villa
– English newspaper delivered to your villa daily
– Free  Wi-fi in the villa and Restaurant
– Free shuttle service to Ubud Town ( only 15 minutes drive )

Make sure you book a room with the private pool!

Villa Semana and TJD are happy to offer: 

For a minimum stay of 3 nights, receive 1 FREE Semana Massage at the Spa Pavillion.

For a minimum stay 5 nights, receive 1 FREE Semana Massage & for low season period  upgrade to higher Villa Category subject to availability.

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