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When Travel Affects You The Most

Saturday, December 28, 2019
When Travel Affects You The MostLike1

There is a liberating feeling when you arrive at a foreign airport. You see it on the faces of the people. It’s almost as if we’ve been given a chance of happiness. Questions runs through our minds… who is waiting for us on the other side, what will we learn, what will we find and most of all, what are we going to achieve.

I’m no stranger to take offs and landings, and definitely not a stranger in being quietly vulnerable during a flight. But I also feel I process my feelings better 30,000 feet up in the air. With no distractions, no-one to talk to and just…meditate, listen to podcasts, and hope for a clearer state of mind on pressing the re-start button.

When landing, a feeling of hope takes over, hope that we might find a realization of what we are capable of. A liberating feeling that this journey could possibly be a life changing and just maybe, we find what we are looking for. In some cases, we could change the life of others and in most, the journey can change us… and can help us grow into understanding ourselves more and align our minds to think clearer.

The realization of my emotional capabilities could be overwhelming for some, I know… Believe it or not… Even for me. But I have learned and come to love that side of me otherwise, it would have been ugly not to have any emotions, and so, I’ve embraced them.

They say the strongest people are the ones that face their anxieties. “She’s strong, because she shows up, even when she’s shaking. She speaks, even when it’s with a cracked voice. She keeps breathing, even when those breaths are shaky.”

The journeys I’ve taken had me battle my way through, but I always knew one thing.

I knew what I wanted out of my life.

I always did.

I’ll always do.

That made my faith in chasing my dreams, stronger, and on every take off and landing, I feel stronger. Stronger to leave what I need to leave behind, what not longer serves me and have everything good coming my way and engulf me in a way that makes my heart beats stronger than ever. 

But, we can’t get there without remembering the most inspiring people in our lives, especially when we are in our own thoughts, 30,000 feet up in the air, or whether we are looking outside the window seat.

When we take off, let us not forget those who stood by us. Not only at our best, but most of all, at our worst. When you have those kind of people, wether it’s one or ten, you drop everything for them. It’s what the entire world is after. 

You drop the games, you drop the ego, you stick together, you inspire…and you love.

It’s what an introvert like me think of.

In the line of work that I do, when your career and passion come together – It’s magical. But I do suffer from occasional self-consciousness, and fight to get past it and promise myself to be productive despite it all.

When you take off, when you land…You force yourself to focus on what’s important… And, one flight away, it will just click. Clarity on what’s important and what isn’t, you realize how far you have come and remember thinking of the things that were a mess you thought you would never recover…and you smile. You smile because you are the truly proud of what you have achieved, the person you have fought to be.

There is nothing more powerful to me than take offs and landing. Letting go on being hard on myself, releasing any anxiety and starting new. The best part of it all, is the realization of what is waiting for me on the other side.

Happy New Year



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