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Where To Travel to in October

Sunday, August 31, 2014
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Where To Travel in October

Holding on to something for so long gets your fingers numb. No matter how much you hold on to the memory, it just takes over every strength you have in you and then, ready or not, you let go. Why does summer always do that to us? The best memories are made in flip flops and luckily, for some, other things come along like an October break. That’s the thing about memories, there’s always room for new ones, it just doesn’t necessarily mean that the old ones are forgotten. An October escape is exactly what we need to overcome the summer daze. From Hotels in Dubai, to hotels in the Maldives and Oman, the choice is yours on where to travel in October.

Amsterdam The fact that you can eat pancakes anytime of day is possibly one of the very big reasons why I tend to love Amsterdam. The city never grows old. The rivers and dams, the friendly people on the streets that always smells of good food. I kid you not! There is always those Sunday markets that you grow to love, arts and museums, take a bicycle ride around the city and hope not to get run over, and of course Cafe Stevens, which no serves the traditional dutch local dish. The Netherlands is one of the happiest places on earth! The Dutch are some innovative and forward people who think outside the box. Hotel choices are plenty but if your go with the more traditional ones which are close to my heart, Double Tree Amsterdam or a more upscale luxury choice is the recently opened Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam which is inspired by timeless Dutch history.

Hotel Exterior

Switzerland For families planning to travel during Eid the holidays or anytime in October, Arabia Meets Garden Eden  includes a three nights’ stay with the Hotel Eden Roc with buffet breakfast and complimentary access to the Eden Roc Spa. The absolute peace and quiet, the private beach, the panoramic boat landing stage, the luxury rooms, and a veritable Garden of Eden. Arabia meets Garden Eden Package

Valid from 1 October 2014 until 4 January 2015 and from 6 March 2015 until 26 March 2015, from CHF 1390 per person in a double room for three nights, including the above mentioned services.


For reservations and more detailed information please call the Eden Roc Hotel direct on +41 (0)91 785 71 71 or email [email protected].

Sri Lanka A typical choice by someone who has been there over 5 times in one year because Sri Lanka is a place where there is always something new to discover. If you love the touristic area then head straight to Galle and you can book at Jetwing lighthouse Galle or Galle Fort Hotel and before sunset you can walk around the fort and enjoy having dinner there too. We preferred staying away from Galle and the extreme commercial area, but enjoyed dinner at Galle Fort Hotel. If you would like to stay 10-15 minutes away from Galle and enjoy the more private villa accomodation, then try Arabella On Boossa. If you are more into getting to know the villages and a beach lover, you can stay close to Bentota, Hikkaduwa and Mirissa beach. For adventure seekers, climb Adam’s Peak like we did and Sigriya Rock or even learn how to kite surf. We absolutely loved Nuwara Elia and if you are a big fan of the mountains and you can stay at Heritance Tea Factory. Sri Lanka is perfect all year round and if you do get showered by rain, it will only last 20 minutes at most, grab your partner or friend and go out and dance in the rain. A little water will never hurt. As for the food, fruits were our main diet throughout the trip and did not experiment on Sri Lankan food, a personal choice. Just remember that Sri Lanka is a very poor country but has beautiful nature and beaches. If you are looking for some  adventure and crazy fun, then join our good friend Omar Samra who is leading a team up for 8 days of fun in Sri Lanka with Wild Guanabana ,Click Here. Alternately you can always read diaries of Travel Junkies Here.


Nepal Dry season has started in Nepal and I don’t mean Kathmandu. On October 3rd, Mountain Quest is leading a trip to the heart of Nepal’s mountains for a life changing experience. This trek takes you to one of the most remote yet accessible parts of the Nepal Himalaya, near to the border with Tibet, and directly north of Kathmandu. I strongly believe this would be the best way to see Nepal and you’ll spend 6 days to- tally out of the city, meeting locals, learning about Buddhist culture and visiting numerous monasteries, nunneries and sites of religious significance. You won’t find this is any guide book, and that is the draw! If this is all new to you, and you live in the U.A.E, shop at Urban Peak for some of your best adventure gear. You can find diaries on Nepal Here.


Maldives October would be the end of the monsoon season and well, it’s the Maldives, good for relaxing and water activities. For transport in the Maldives the options available are motor boat, seaplanes or helicopters and private yachts. Motor boats come in many shapes and forms including the local wooden dhoni craft. Stay at Park Hyatt Maldives, Conrad Maldives or Adaaran hotels and even The W Retreat & Spa , have recently announced their collaboration with Tahir Sultan who will reveal his new collection at Fashion Forward next week. You can read diaries of Travel Junkies Here.


Oman There are so many reasons why one should go to Oman. For one, Oman has one of the most breathtaking nature views that we have ever seen. Hidden gems could be explored, secluded beaches with white sands and crystal clear waters and you might even be lucky enough to swim with dolphins, a paradise found for those who love to go off-roading, adventures, hiking, scuba diving, wadis, mountain climbing and even huge undiscovered caves. People are friendly and the weather is beautiful. You could stay at the new Alila Hotel in Jabal Akhdar for a seclusion holiday, or camp by the beach, or stay in a family resort in Shangri-La. You can read a diary in Oman to find out more. You can always turn to Adventurati for adventure trips. You can always read diaries of Travel Junkies Here.




Turkey It’s a pleasant time to visit turkey, season is slowly ending but weather is still hanging in there. It’s a great time to visit other areas too than the coast. Antalya is on our bucket list of places to see! The world famous shores of Antalya; namely Aspendos, Olympos and Kas are available for both climbing enthusiasts and for those who want to enjoy the sun and the beach. Istanbul could be a favorite city to so many, but for me, I always preferred to stay away and visit the coasts. But if you would like to stay in Istanbul, then you might want to check out Raffles Istanbul which just recently opened tomorrow, September 1st, 2014 and if you fancy some luxury shopping, the hotel has an extension to Zorlu Center. What we have also tried and tested is sailing around the coast with Sail Together. If they don’t have any upcoming trips and if you have 8 friends, then the captain would be able to book you a private sailing trip and it will be a life changing journey forever. You can also read diaries of Travel Junkies Here.

Norway – If you have time in October, then Norway is my best suggestion. I save the best for last. Norway has so much to offer and is up to this date, my favorite place to go in October. To start with, Emirates Airlines fly straight to Oslo starting from September 3rd. Norway has the beautiful mountains, the ice glaciers, breathtaking hikes and trails. Hike every mountain, ride every road. Most importantly, October is the best time to see the Northern Lights! Norway is a mind-blowing choice which will change the way you see everything. It’s a promise.


To read this article in Arabic on Gheir, click Here

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  1. Lara says:

    Thank you!!!! I read about Amesterdam told you I was thinking to go next weekend after Paris. What did you think of Double Tree?? I was considering some options and came across it? How’s it different than Waldorf ?

  2. Yollande says:

    A true Hilton fan! 🙂

  3. Daniel Johnen says:

    Switzerland for me!

  4. Feryial Kassouf says:

    To be quite frank, I agree on Sri Lanka being such a wonderful place! And yes as well on poverty. It is such a shame how corrupted the GVT is and how poor the people are. Just like you, I was not able to explore the gourmet side of the island only because I am not a risk taker on food. I will also stay away from Galle as you suggested, would you think Maldives is a better option?

    • Travel Junkie Diary says:

      Hey Feryial, to be quite honest, I did not really get too involved into the GVT and war up North. I have been there on several occasions and many times for charity work, building homes and for leisure, hotel reviews etc. It is poor, very poor. But, also, very rich in land. They need to be educated. That’s all. They are richer in surviving than some of the other race I have encountered. I love Sri Lanka for some strange reason. Maldives, is a beautiful choice, as for the hotels, I will be able to post something by mid October for Maldives. Hope that helps.

  5. Saif Al Hajiri says:

    Ok so Norway it is! Any ideas where to stay in Norway?

  6. Yasmine M says:

    PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!! I think i got my inspiration! Maldives! Just not sure when! Are you going there in October? Where are you staying?

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