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Win 2 nights stay at Fairmont The Palm Dubai (closed)

Monday, December 8, 2014
Win 2 nights stay at Fairmont The Palm Dubai (closed)Like0

It’s always so wonderful to be giving away hotel nights stay in the UAE, because that means that there might be a potential chance I might meet one of the winners!

This time though is a very special time! I am teaming up with one of my favorite Travel team ATS Travel who are based in Dubai and family run! (Yep, the very finest family there is!)

and The Luxury Syndicate and Myself.


Here are the rules to participate:

1. Make sure BOTH (you and your partner) follow    ATS Travel [click here]  The Luxury Syndicate [click here] and myself, Travel Junkie Diary [click here]

2. Tag the person you want to take with you

3. Comment Done

4. Share the post


Voila. You will enter the draw to win:

2 nights stay at The Fairmont The Palm In Dubai for 2 people inclusive of breakfast!

Good Luck everyone! Closing date 22nd December.


Much Love,

Travel Junkie Diary


************** CONGRATS TO AHMAD ADLY PLS EMAIL US AT [email protected] TO CLAIM YOUR VOUCHER*********

Terms & Conditions Apply

* Flights are not included

* Voucher is valid from may 2015 to August 2015

Travel Junkie Diary

A bohemian traveler


  1. Abdul Hadi Mokbel says:


  2. Victor duran says:

    Done! @nereadaniellaaa

  3. Mhd Zaher says:

    Done (@y3_bd) and hope to win with my wife @miazouz

  4. Marites B. Dughmash says:

    Done (@miazouz) with Mhd Zaher (@y3_bd)

  5. Andy says:

    Done @theresia_zhen

  6. elizabeth alba says:

    done- i wanna go with my boyfriend

  7. Imran farooque says:

    Done with my wife aisha Imran

  8. Dale DSouza says:

    Done! Staycation with Jason Pereira

  9. Ben Preston says:


  10. Jeunes Cowsette says:


  11. asma says:

    hope 2 win with Farah Raza <3

  12. Víctor Durán says:


  13. Aaron says:

    How do you share

  14. Anthony Casper says:


  15. Khushbu Gandhi says:


  16. odilia janice pukanda says:


  17. Jenna Baldi says:

    Done!! 🙂

  18. JINANE BADRANE says:

    Done. With chawki khouchkhouch

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