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Win 3 Nights in Maldives

Sunday, September 7, 2014
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Travel Junkie Diary and Adaaran Resorts in Maldives

I always get excited when we have competitions with hotels to give away complimentary nights for my readers. But this one, is just on another level!

A 3 night stay in Maldives at the Award Winning Resort, Adaaran Prestige Vadoo inclusive of breakfast and with free combine transfers to the hotel to someone very special thanks to Adaaran Resorts in Maldives

So let’s get started, please make sure to follow the exact steps in order for your name to be registered with us otherwise, your name wont be registered!

You will also need to make sure you are a follower in order to participate.

Here are my links you would need to follow:

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And Adaaran Resorts in Maldives Click Here


Step 1: You will need to FOLLOW Adaaran Resorts in Maldives on Facebook

Step 2: Great, so now, you need to tag the person you want to bring with you on TJD Instagram page or Facebook Page if you have not done that already.

Step 3: Finally, click  HERE and press subscribe with your email.

Finally – Share the post or Retweet

Good luck everyone! I will be at Adaaran Resorts in Maldives on the 5th of October to announce the winner!

** Conditions apply – Airline ticket is not included –


Travel Junkie Diary

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  1. Lamis says:

    Would be great for our fourth wedding anniversary

  2. therealgeordiearmani says:

    what a co-incidence I am visiting their sister resort at the end of October 🙂

  3. Lovely Rajwani says:

    Hope to win this awesome gift. that I can celebrate my hubby’s birthday will be the best gift to him..

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