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Win with AccorHotels

Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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WIN with AccorHotels

There are so many beautiful places around the world I have not seen yet. Today, we are lucky to have travel more attainable for us. Despite sometimes high airfare, we have the options of so many ways to get to our final destinations. And then, some successful hotel brands such as AccorHotels, gives us an opportunity of a lifetime to travel even more than ever.

Win With AccorHotels

We are very excited to be collaborating with AccorHotels for this fun and exciting competition!!

From 12th of November to the 23rd of November 2018, AccorHotels is launching a campaign that has never been done before and giving you and me, a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip for you and 10 of your friends and family!


It’s simple!

You invite 10 people to make your dream team and they can be family, friends, your neighbors, colleagues or your favorite pizza chef!

And for 10 days, you have to answer 10 questions. Log in each day from the 12th of November to the 22rd of November 2018 and the goal is to build the maximum number of points!

CLUES are hidden on the AccorHotels Website all you need to do is find them!

A peek into of the 10 hotels that you could be waking up in! Whether you’ve always dreamed of Dubai, Paris or riding the bikes through the canals in Amsterdam and even into the colors of Marrakech!

  1. Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour
  2. Fairmont Royal York
  3. Novotel London Waterloo
  4. Novotel Amsterdam City
  5. Novotel Paris Center Eiffel Tower
  6. Novotel Barcelona City
  7. Pullman Tokyo Tamachi
  8. Mercure Berlin City
  9. Novotel World Trade Center Dubai
  10. Fairmont Marrakesh Royal Palm


A one week, all-expense paid trip for you and the 10 people in your team to one of the 10 amazing destinations.

Your team members can create their own account and also take part in the #BringYourTop10 challenge. They can add you to their team, meaning you will have 10 times as many chances to win the trip of your dreams!

Steps to participate

  • Sign up
  • Add your top 10
  • Choose your top 10 destinations

Answer the questions, each day from the 12thto 23rd of November on #BringYourTop10

* Terms and Conditions Apply

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  • Feeling a little pink today because I took a day off work and doing some packing for an exciting trip ahead! 
I pack a week before my trip 🙄... is anyone the same?
  • This month, I asked the universe to help me in the practice of ‘letting go gracefully’ and I turned towards my Ashtanga practice. It has been more consistent than I can ever remember and I thank my teacher for navigating me. 
My mat has always been my private mirror ...Showing me my strength and weaknesses and my ability to push through when I’m stuck. It has me flirting with patience and, hope that one day, I might acquire it. It has been helping me shift my perspective and release the ‘need to control everything’ side of me... but still keep the organized side of me. 
Letting go is part of my healing process, whether it’s a posture that I need to fall into or catching my breath... because healing, is my responsibility... and no one else’s. 
These series of photos reminds of me a moment of achievement. The moment I’ve always wanted to sail in the Arctic dream a year ago, turned into a reality.
  • I love how so many of you played the exercise on my instastory. Wether it’s real or not, it’s nice to get to know a little more about you. 
I found love, success, happiness. Then found power, money, experience 🤣 
Did you also manage to find more words?
  • The bravest thing I’ve ever done was be a mother and learning to deal with fears I never knew existed... most of all, when I see her, I see the evidence of how strong I can be, and I remind myself: You’ve got this. 💫
  • The midnight sun is slowly making its way into the arctic. One of the world’s greatest phenomenon. Where the sun never completely sets and is visible day and night. Have you ever seen it?
I struggle to find the words to describe this feeling, because no words are strong enough. This was taken a little past midnight while sailing in the arctic on our @travelwithtjd - We are launching more TJD trips like those for you to join and experience it together. Follow @travelwithtjd to find out more on how you can join ❤️
  • I get asked constantly for advice on the best resorts in the Maldives that is children friendly. For me, it’s not only about the facilities but also the trust that’s built with the staff and the program they have for kids each day. Chloe loved it here, made new friends and cried when we left. That’s why I find it easy to always return to Joali. 
What’s your favorite island in Maldives?
  • Italy: A series of few images I took years back when I visited Florence. I remember the highlights of my trip: The gorgeous @fsflorence - Cinque Terre - A moment where I felt I lost all my inspiration - The magical sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo. 
What are your favorite things to do in Florence?
  • Throwback to almost 3 years ago. A friend asked for my recommendation for Bali and it brought up some memories. So found this picture. It’s one of my favorite places in Uluwatu and one of my favorite summer! Happy Sunday 🐰
  • The island’s Manta Tree house, designed by one and only Porky Hefer. It’s 5 meters in the air and a wingspan of almost 15m. The 50m tail of the manta is a suspended walkway leading up to body which seats up to 10 people! One of the many art pieces in @joalimaldives - I’ve never seen anything quite like it!!!
  • I’ve been trying to (really focusing more this time) to wake up and sleep with affirmations. It used to help me a lot in the past then somewhere along the way, I stopped for a while.
I’d love to read what’s yours!! Everyday, I try to read and write new ones so here goes mine for today and I hope it resonates with you 💕:
“If I want it, I can attract it” Abraham Hicks
  • I am always surrounded by love (and water) because all I see is love 💕 
Happy Easter everyone!
  • A huge shift in my energy today as I start working on our next @travelwithtjd - Scandic countries holds an exhilarating amount of joy and peace in my heart, which I’ve learned not to search anymore for reasons to explain it, because some things cannot always be expressed in words. 
We have recently launched Sweden’s Arctic experience on @travelwithtjd other than Finland, Iceland and Norway. The link is in bio if you like to join our polar journeys and have an adventure of a lifetime. Only 2 spaces left for Sweden. Hope to see you on our TJD trips! 
Photo by @dennisstever