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Yacht Legend – Ibiza

Thursday, March 21, 2013
Yacht Legend – IbizaLike0

Today, our Bohemian dream is being on that Yacht Legend …An epic week of sailing adventure, beaches, fine food, party and fun around Mallorca and Ibiza. It’s summer camp for dreamers, dancers, sun lovers and its in Spain!! 7 days and 7 nights on a yacht, 10 people travel together as a fleet from location to location on a route  adventuring by day and celebrating by night, experiencing the open waters with music, wind and freedom! What more can anyone as for?

The story was also featured on Luxury Travel Blog with article about “The top 3 trips to make before you turn 40″ I say, even if you turn 40, YOU DO IT!

It begins and ends in Palma de Mallorca. Their rule of thumb: pack  as little as possible.  A couple bathing suits, lightweight clothes, cheap sunglasses, sunscreen, a bit of spending cash, and your iPod will be key implements of survival.

Offer Travel Junkies who book with YachtLegend will receive deluxe treatment with premium champagne stocked on their yacht for the duration of the trip!  Contact [email protected] directly for booking details and to ensure you get the Travel Junkie offer!

Our Travel Junkies seems to LOVE this Bohemian Dream!!



DSC00130 (In Konflikt stehende Kopie von Thomas Mika R. 2013-03-08)-branded


Travel Junkie Diary

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  1. Amir Latif says:

    this is wgat u call a real adventure.

  2. Travel Junkie Diary says:

    It sure is!!! 🙂 Thank you for your support!

  3. A Luxury Travel Blog says:

    Thank you for linking to us.

    It does sound like a wonderful trip, doesn’t it? 🙂

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